Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia Flood Relief

I am reaching out to see if you can help our community, in Northern NSW, Australia, which has been devastated by storms, and floods over 14 metres deep, in some places, over the last week. For those of you who are less familiar with Australia, I am talking about the easternmost point of Australia, around Byron Bay.
Thousands of people have lost everything. Many people are still missing, and sadly, quite a few have lost their lives.
One dear and beautiful friend was tragically crushed to death when a massive landslide fell on her house at 4 am a few days ago, with her inside it.
The flood is now subsiding, but it will take months and years to recover for most of the affected people. Many people still have no power, no access to petrol, food, the internet, or even access to money due to the lack of EFTPOS or automatic teller machines. Many bridges have been destroyed, roads made impassable, and so many families are still isolated. It will take hundreds of millions of dollars for people to rebuild their lives again. The government is not doing that much to help. Help is mainly coming from the people in our community.
I am asking my friends from all over the world to offer what they can to help, and if they have some funds, they can offer to help rebuild people's lives in this community.

I would like to donate this money to the families in Upper Wilson's Creek who have lost so much. Many of them can no longer go back to their land as it is unsafe to be on due to the landslides. Some of these families are still unable to be accessed via roads. I also wish to give part of the funds to the local high schools that have lost so much and can no longer serve their students properly. I will keep you informed as to where all the funds will go exactly. 

Thank you for your support.
Much love and thanks to you all
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Simon Borg-Olivier
Fernleigh NSW

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