My Get Out of Bankruptcy Fund

This is not an accident, but most certainly an emergency.

I am 56 years old, and I was a commercial lines underwriting assistant for 28 years at Pennsylvania Lumbermens mutual insurance company. the company went through a bad stretch in 2010 in which they were hemorrhaging money. In February of that year people were getting laid off, but I still kept going engine think about either trying to get another job because in fear that I will be next. But you and I both know that to cut a company's losses you have to get you have to bring down the expense ratio.

So on July 28th, 2010 I was laid off. I complained about it big time. The department manager, William Johnson didn't care for that too much and had me escorted out of the building. I've been unemployed ever since. I can't prove it but I believe Mr. Johnson has engaged in a campaign to blackball me from getting any job in the insurance business. But that's not why I'm sending you a message this morning . I am technically bankrupt right now. I had to take out a $1,500 cash advance on my credit card just to keep things going for another month. I have sent out over 1,300 resumes, but received only 10 job interviews in those eight and a half years.

I believe if I tell this story to you, that you would find it in your heart to publicize it and help me get up and help me find another job. I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. And there are issues with my lower back with sciatica. I know we're living in a day and age stories like this are met with absolute skepticism. But until anyone has walked a mile in my shoes, I assure you that this is real; that I am on the verge of being bankrupt and homeless unless I can find something or unless people can donate to my GoFundMe page until I can find work.

People tell me you know oh, you know just apply with Uber or Lyft. The thing is I'm spooked about that because because a Lyft driver out west was murdered for absolutely no reason. I know that I can still contribute to a company I know that in my heart. It's just a matter of convincing them letting a mere high school graduate (I was from a low income family and could not afford college; therefore I didn't go to college, and that is being held against me.) . I feel like I have nowhere else to turn.

I've had two home equity loan applications turned down. I've had to go through my life savings about $115,000 I had to cash in my pension which was another $65,000. I had to cash in my life insurance policy JUST TO GET TO THIS DAY. Any help that you can provide would be throwing me a lifeline at a time when I desperately need it. I implore and beg of you Ronnie, read my words and please help me. Thank you.
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Updates (26)
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
It was brought to my attention that Close to visit my go fund me page are being told that my ham pain has been paused. It has NOT been paused. I have not heard anything from go fund me as to why my fund raising page has been paused. It was done without my knowledge or consent. If you wish to donate to my go fund me page please send me a direct message on Twitter as I have a PayPal account. I am trying to resolve this issue with go find me as I send this. I wish to reiterate my campaign is not paused. I apologise for any inconvenience that go fund me has caused by doing this.

OCTOBER 7, 2020
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I need your help; all 3 of my credit cards are maxed out, and it's been a couple of weeks since I was able to get groceries. If there's anyone out there who could donate $20 to my GoFundMe page (grocery delivery costs $18 for the…Read more

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
All 3 credit cards maxed out; $1.82 in life savings, and hinging everything on selling this work of art which has been in my family for 60 years. A portrait of Christ in his crown of thorns, created with thousands on thousands of black ink dots.…Read more

AUGUST 13, 2020
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I got hit with a $545 minimum payment on one of my 3 credit cards. Two of those 3 are maxed out, and the third is about $120 away from being maxed out. I have finally hit the wall. I will have to declare bankruptcy by month's end unless I…Read more

JUNE 28, 2020
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Today marks 9 years and 11 months since I last held a job. It also marks the day when two of my three credit cards are at their maximum limit and I only have $1,100 of leeway with the third CC before all my cards are maxed out due to groceries and…Read more

JUNE 12, 2020
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Credit card debt now $18,500. I need some four-figure donations pretty quick. Help is appreciated.

MARCH 22, 2020
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I had to sell my car to offset some of the credit card debt. I've been having to use cash advances on my cc's on one cc to partially pay off the other 2. It's no way to live. Especially in this time of coronavirus.

DECEMBER 13, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
EMERGENCY! All of my credit cards have been frozen out. I can't pay my monthly bills at all. I need a total of $1,200 just to unlock those cards to pay for December alone. I will have to sell my car to make up the deficit. Armageddon has…Read more

DECEMBER 10, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I have now officially missed my minimum monthly payment on all three of my credit cards and will now have to fork over $1,500 just to pay off those minimums now.

DECEMBER 3, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I have been unemployed for 112 months. But the 113th month – this month – may wind up breaking me once and for all, financially.

All three of my credit card's minimum monthly payments are due next week; a total of $650. I have $7…Read more

OCTOBER 9, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I am now past due on 2 of my 3 credit cards. I desperately need to get these cleared up or else I will be in real trouble. I need $360 ($100 on one credit card, $260 on the other; these are the minimum monthly payments that I need to send NOW. …Read more

OCTOBER 8, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Need $260 for my October minimum monthly payment on my credit card. All credit cards' cash advances are gone.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
From worse to worse-r. Need $350 to pay off the minimum payments on two of my 3 credit cards. Cash advances on all 3 CC's are totally depleted. It's either that or sell the car.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Hate to put the word out, but my financial situation just went past dire. What I've been doing to keep the credit card companies off my back is to pay the monthly minimum payments. What I've been needing to do, however is to use the cash…Read more

by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I was afraid this was going to happen; I've been borrowing off my credit cards that my cash advance amount decreased with each passing month. Now I'm at the point where I can't take from that to pay the monthly minimums each of my 3…Read more

AUGUST 15, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Still at less than $50 of life savings. Over $10,000 in credit card debt trying to keep things afloat until I get work. Now on my 10th year of unemployment and 1,400 resumes sent out. Hoping for a miracle.

JUNE 14, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I'm going to be down to $10 in life savings by this time tomorrow night. No jobs - anywhere. And the jobs I previously applied for, like bank teller, suddenly have new qualifications - like needing a fucking BACHELOR'S DEGREE where there…Read more

MAY 31, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Down to $67 in life savings and $7,200 in credit card debt. It's looking more and more Iike I'm going to have to sell my car and go for a used one. Any help appreciated.

MAY 13, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
A day of reckoning is coming for me; I am $7,300 in debt due to having to pay bills with my credit cards. I implore anyone who can send me cash to do so, as I've been continually unsuccessful in applying for jobs. Nobody wants a 56 year old…Read more

MAY 2, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Each update worse than the last. I have debt on two of my credit cards; one for $5,500, the other for $920. Bills need to get paid, such as the semi-annual car payment for $650, water/sewer, electric, phone, Verizon FIOS. It adds up. It's…Read more

APRIL 15, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Brutal month for me; down to $230 in life savings after having to pay necessary minimum payments on 2 credit cards after I needed to take extra cash advances just to stay afloat. I have been forced to switch to Medicaid with health, vision and…Read more

MARCH 31, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Today brought more bad news; I need $710 by 11:55 PM tonight, or else I will have to forego the month of April without health insurance, and next month the semi-annual car payment of almost $700 is due, and if that isn't taken care of, I will…Read more

MARCH 24, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
Now down to $60 in life savings; will be unable to pay for my March health insurance ($710). Will have to go without it for the foreseeable future. Hanging on by my fingernails here.

MARCH 14, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
My credit card cash advance imbalance is almost $3,000 on the wrong side of the ledger. Really, really, REALLY need help here.

MARCH 1, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
A question's been asked about my gofundme; why didn't I apply for social security disability? I'm not disabled, even as I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. Any claim I pursued would end the same way my quest for re-employment…Read more

FEBRUARY 13, 2019
by Paul Hanlin, Organizer
I am technically bankrupt. The only reason I'm clinging on by my fingernails is because I had to take out a $1,400 cash advance on my credit card. I am scared shitless right now, and I need somebody, anybody to have mercy on me and donate. …Read more

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