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My get me anywhere wheelchair

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I was born with Spina Bifida and I am unable to walk more than a few steps using crutches so am a full time wheelchair user.

This year I was incredibly fortunate to have been selected to take part in the World Scouting Jamboree in America in Summer 2019. For me to join in fully I will need an off road wheelchair to make the site accesssible for me.

Having tested out the Mountain Trike I realise just how much I have been missing out in my standard wheelchair. I know that raising the funds for this chair will open up many more opportunities for me on a regular basis and will allow me to join in activities that I would otherwise miss out on.

I hope that you are able to help me achieve my goal of £5000 by the end of this year so that I can order the chair in time for me to become fully familiar with it before I take it out to America for my trip of a lifetime!


Dominic Dawson

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