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In light of recent events and the ancestral traumas of black communities, meta.den & earth arts will continue the work of the reparations black wellness clinics. This will be offered on the LAST SATURDAY of EVERY MONTH, virtually & in person across the US. (You can learn more about the virtual clinic at www.metaden.co )

This fundraiser is for the MAY REPARATIONS CLINIC, NEW ORLEANS, funds will be redirected to co-hosts Felice Gee & Indigo Soul of @soul.flow & Rhonda Walker of @vjanandahealing, and will go to paying healers, facilities,  vegan refreshments / snacks, masks, hand sanitizer, and a portable restroom facility. 

In this clinic, black healers will be providing a variety of healing modalities to black individuals for FREE. We name and call forth folks of the Black Diaspora to be supported and offer services! To ensure these care takers are supported in mending the traumas of our community, we are raising funds to guarantee that their work is compensated and the clinic keeps its doors open. #REPARATIONS : a black folx only walk-in wellness clinic.

All monetary support will go to paying our selected healers their fair rate, so they may be supported in mending the traumas of their communities, and ensuring that the clinic may continue opening its doors in a safe space with abundant amenities. This is an opportunity for allies to step up and support the healing of our black communities, directly. If you are a non-Black person, donate here.

In the words of - Veronica Agard @verosgotthejuice, writer, educator and creator of Who Heals the Healer and Ancestors in Training series,

"We cannot limit ourselves to one method of surviving a White Supremacist system that has multiple methods of harming or ending our existence. If we can be expansive and reclaim our methods of survival, then we can eventually thrive. We understand that reparations were not given to the vast majority of those descended from enslaved Africans across the Black Atlantic. We feel the pains of our people wherever they are and an indescribable longing for a moment in space and time that allowed us to be there for them. We believe in the resilience of our Blackness but name the dangers in being labeled as magical or superhuman when it is weaponized and embodied literally when our bodies express intergenerational suffering as health conditions. A path towards reparations that we can experience with all of our senses has appeared in this series. In offering these intentions, I invoke hope as a discipline as spelled by abolitionist Mariame Kaba. With that invitation comes the love and trust to do the work collectively in service of, and investing in, the wellness of the souls of Black folks."

Thank you for supporting this work!

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