Leukemia Sucks Dylan's Warrior Page

The Medical Bills are Coming in and the Wiebehaus's need our help... On Sunday February 18, 2018, Our Family's World was turned upsidedown. 5 year old, Dylan was diagnosed with Leukemia; Pre B Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It is so rare that there are only ten new diagnosises a year in all of Southern Arizona. They have currently moved into the hospital. Dylan, Daddy, Dustyn 2 years old, Daxtyn 2 months old and Mommy are staying there now. The older Sisters are being managed by family and friends. This first month will be chaotic. Dylan is hanging in there and is such a trooper and so brave. It has been a very chaotic and emotional week. Dylan has had 10 blood transfusions, 11 platelet transfusions, too many bags of fluids to count, Chemotherapy IV, Chemotherapy Orally, Chemotherapy intrathecal (in the spinal fluid), Surgery, a PortaCath placed which will be there for at least three and a half years, a Lumbar puncture, Bone Marrow Aspiration, and a million others things that I cannot even remember right now and it has only been Ten days.
Now they are doing Daily oral Chemo, Weekly IV Chemo, Weekly Lumbar Punctures, and a million other daily and weekly events.
What a Whirlwind.
They are in it to Win it and in it for the Long Haul... They would appreciate any thoughts and prayers but now we will also need more help. The treatments, hospital stay, driving back and forth to home and getting our girls to school, and everything else is expenssive.  Also they need help with the day to day stuff, managing the children and maintaining a household from the hospital room. We have family and friend support but we need to Circle the Wagons and help Dylan's Family. Help comes in so many forms and any help is greatly appriceated.
Thank you

Timeline to how it was caught from Kelly, Dylan's Mother...
About six weeks ago we all got the Flu. Everyone got better except Dylan he was very run down. Over the last six weeks we have been to the Pediatrician four times. Each time I have been told that he just needed to keep resting he had the Flu and probably caught something on top of it. They checked his Vitamin D levels and he looked good. Other than being extremely tired often but not all the time he didn't really have any symptoms that were extremely alarming. Then he started running fevers at night. It would break in the morning but would run all night from 102 to 105F. He would get better for one or two days then spike the fever again. On Sunday he had enough, Dylan did not even have the energy of strength to walk to bed. Jake and I decided he had to go to the hospital ER, that was the only way we wold get better answers. We were not leaving till they found out what was wrong. It did not take long; they knew something was wrong immediately. It has all been very fast pace since then. His WBC were 45,000 it is supposed to be between 4,500-11,000, Hgb was 2.0 it is supposed to be 12-15. Luckily we were persistent and seemed to have caught this relatively early. His Kidneys and Heart are in good condition which we have been told that a lot of times when kiddos come in the kidneys are already failing from processing the Leukemia Cells anf they require dialysis and kidney transplant. His are healthy.
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