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My name's James Delingpole - writer, blogger, podcaster, total hero/person you love to hate...and now victim of Lyme disease.
It's that horrible thing you can get from diseased tick bites. If undiagnosed, like mine has been till now, it really messes you up
I suffer: brain fog, migraines, panic attacks, arthritis, crippling fatigue, insomnia, depression, shooting pains, plus one or two other things so embarrassing I'll spare your blushes. Oh, also I learned recently to my great delight - not -  it makes it more likely you're going to get cancer. And it won't go away: if it's not treated it's there forever and just gets worse and worse.
But I really don't want your sympathy - just your help nailing this pest once and for all.
Chronic Lyme is fiendishly complicated and expensive to cure - but it can be treated at specialist clinics, mostly in the US and Germany. These are all private, of course: the public healthcare system, such as the NHS, just doesn't want to know.
I hate asking for money, let alone so much. But friends familiar with the disease have warned me that this may be a long, costly journey. The cost of specialist treatment, travel expenses, drugs, supplements, dietary changes, disrupted work, and subclinical wellness measures can run into the tens of thousands. If - as is possible - my wife and kids infected, it will be more expensive still.
I'll keep you all posted how my treatments go. Whatever happens I promise to spend your money well: getting me back into fighting form so I can do all the things you know and love me for, rather than fading away into miserable self-pitying decrepitude...
And if there's anything left over after I'm fully cured I'll sort out my horrible teeth and buy my wife a proper holiday. If there's one thing (almost) worse than Lyme disease, it's living with a person who has got Lyme disease...
Anyway, thanks for caring: I appreciate all your thoughts, prayers, good wishes or whatever donation you care to make however small. And yes, it goes without saying that each and every one of you is my Only Special Friend and there are no others...Honest!
One more thing for my American Special Friend: £100 = $130 or, put another $100 = £77
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