Love is greater! Help Petro and her 4 angels

Hi, my lovely friends from everywhere!

My name is Brindusa and I'm Petronela's little sister. 
I'm Romanian, but I live in Edinburgh, Scotland for the last 5 years with my husband Florin in our own "wee" home. 

Most of you already know about the tragic accident where my sister's husband, father Marius, lost his life. My brother-in-law was driving back home to his family, being 5 miles away from home when another car hit him frontally.
Everyone was home and ready to surprise him with a birthday cake, being his 35th birthday the next day. Unfortunately he never made it.

His last words and thoughts when he was receiving first aid were that he is an Orthodox priest, has 4 children and a wife waiting home. 

He went into Heaven after a couple of hours from the accident, passing away due to heavy internal bleeding during surgery.

How does one carry on when their heart is ripped out from their chest and a part of them dies along with their loved one?

My nieces and nephiew (Anastasia 9, Irina 7, Sofiana 4 and Nicolae 18mnths) need all the compassion and love, as they won't have a dad to drive them to piano lessons, swimming lessons or dancing.
Cruel as all  this is, Tia, the oldest one, said "auntie, when I think daddy is with the angels, I am not so sad anymore". And children have the purest soul, so probably they know better than us adults, bringing brightness to the darkest of days.

Petronela, my sister, is keeping strong and crying only when she is alone, as she is  a lioness, never wanting to burden anyone with her pain.
But I think, as strong as she seems, she needs all the help she can get, as it won't be easy to be a single mum of 4.

So...what are friends for if not to stick together in such sad and cruel times?

Because Fr. Marius and his family lived in a parish home (my brother-in-law was a priest, as I mentioned above)  Petro and the children will have to leave the house for the next priest and his family that would serve and take care of the parish. So literally, they have no home at the moment.

Also, my nieces and nephew are all under 10, so they need support to continue their normal activities and school. Anastasia (10  this October) is learning to play the piano, also going to canto lessons and contests and won various prizes. She also received recognition in her school, which will support her through to apply for Art School in the not-so-far future. She is a strong girl for a 10 year-old, being ambitious and finding her own way of accomplishing greatness. Just like her dad. 
Irina (7) is taking swimming lessons and goes to dancing. She is preparing to participate in local contests, by representing her school. She's also inclined towards singing, however, my sister thought will wait until she grows a bit more, so she can enjoy her free time as a child and live her childhood to the full. She is the Peace-on-Earth, as I often say (not to mention her name means Peace in Ancient Greek), always seeing the good in people and trying to solve any conflict around her. She can be a real lesson of pure goodness to anyone.
Sofiana, or Sofi as we call her, just turned 4. She is currently in nursery and she is a little cutie with her own personality, always up to something. When she's doing something naughty, she will show an irresistible cheeky smile, knowing it's just a matter of time until all is forgiven and she can return to her playground.
And the youngest one is Nicolae, which is the only boy and he's turning 2 in January. He's currently learning to kick a ball and cheer when it's moving more that 10 inches.

I learnt in these past few days that these children are incredibly resilient and they, without a shed of doubt, will become amazing humans that will spread love and generosity in the world, making it a better place. My sister won't even ask for help, as she is a "soldier" and fights tirelessly for her family, but she will need all the  support she can get.
All the above is put in perspective for you to understand the need of these funds to sustain the family and its future to the best it can be without a dad. Apart from the need for the kids and their future schools, college and any extra activities, they need a house urgently, preferably before winter (as in Romania winters can go even lower than -10'C).

All donations will be transferred to her account in Romania most probably once she finds a flat to buy and move in. 

My brother in law can never be replaced and be forever missed, and with the love and help from good people around the world, his legacy can be carried further through his amazing children and family. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you in her and our family's name! 
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Brindu Lungu 
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom