Liver Transplant Expenses

Hi, I'm Mistie,
This story is kind of long. But please read the information below to understand my story and the severity of my situation. 
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my story and for your donation.

I suffer from a rare autoimmune liver condition called Primary Biliary Cholangitis. Also previously known as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. There is no cure for PBC except for a transplant. Once transplanted the illness is gone. However, it can come back, but that isn't super common after transplantation.  
Now contrary to what most think I did not drink or do drugs to get this. It's autoimmune which means basically that my body decided that at some point it hates me and is trying to kill me slowly.

Below is a graphic with more information about this illness. 
On a side note... the women over 40 fact is no longer true. I know many women who are even in their teens who have come down with PBC. I'm only 36 and I was diagnosed at 30. 

I am currently stage 4 of this liver disease which means I need a transplant. If I do not get a transplant I will die
I am fundraising because I was denied being listed for a transplant because of my financial and transportation situation. 
I'm a single mother who unfortunately is unable to work due to this illness. The transplant team will not even consider listing me until I raise at least $5,000. 

Being a single mother who can not work means that I have to rely on others for financial support. Which honestly bothers me, because I am someone who LOVES to work. My chosen career is photography, for which I had medically retire from due to this illness. 

This illness has done a lot to me. On top of basically dying a slow death, it has taken all of my teeth, I am also covered in what is called cholesterol deposits. These deposits cripple me. I am close to not being able to use my hands at all. Below are some images of what I looked like before diagnosis and images that show some of the deposits. Like I said my entire body is covered in these. 

Images on the left were in Dec. of 2012. I was diagnosed in Feb of 2013, right before my 31st birthday. The right image is of how I currently look. I have lost an extreme amount of weight. The bulge you see in my stomach isn't fat but my swollen liver and spleen. I look pregnant all the time. 

These are the deposits that my body is riddled with. When you see them on the outside like this, they are twice as bad on the inside of me. I can not wear most shoes due to the ones in my feet. 

Also, this disease took my teeth. My teeth were so naturally white my dentist had a hard time matching them. Even with all the decay I had, they were still super white... What killed my teeth is a condition called dry mouth that is a caused by pbc. These are a before and after of what my teeth look like before I had them all pulled.

Please help me raise the money to show the transplant team that I am serious about wanting a new liver. I have a beautiful little girl who needs her mama to stick around. Not to mention I'm not to keen on this whole dying thing either. 

Thank you so much for reading my story and thank you for your amazing donations! 
I am truly blessed with each donation!

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Mistie McDonald 
Walters, OK