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June 11, 2018
Sadly our beloved Oreo crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven.   Thank you to the kind donors who raised $851 through Facebook to give him the medical care he needed during his last months of life.

Our bunny Bernice is still having health problems and has been to the vet three or four times during the last couple months, please keep her in prayer.

We are still trying to raise money for spay and neuter of all the bunnies, but we keep getting sidetracked with animal illnesses.  Oreo's medical bills were over $3000 total and Bernice's bills were several hundred dollars.

We are grateful for help in any amount you can give and welcome you to contact our vet at Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center in Toledo to confirm our legitimacy, (419) [phone redacted].

Other Updates
April 2018.  We started our journey in 2016.  That's when we first posted here.  Thanks to the kindness of people with with  their time, talent and treasure, we're forging forward and hoping you can come alongside and help.  

We also have seven elderly rescue cats that have been with us since they were wee homeless  kitties.

We hope you will read this overview, then hop back and read our journey from the start.  It's been hills and valleys with kind people along our route.  Thank you to everyone who has helped.  We look forward to meeting new people as we move forward and keeping the wonderful people in our network.

We now have 10 rescue English Angora bunnies with weakened immune systems and active Pasturella along with our 7 elderly rescue cats that have been with us since they were wee homeless kitties.

The unexpected bunnies were adopted to loving, forever homes when they were 14 weeks old.

Along the way our Gingie Bug (age 21) and Drewbie (age 19) and Maggie May (age 10) crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven. We miss and think of them daily.

Thank you for walking through this remarkable journey of love. XOXO from the Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary animals & The Karasek Family

PS Be sure to shop our eBay. All proceeds go directly to funding Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary:
We also welcome vintage and new items valued at $100 or more to sell on our eBay to benefit the kitties and bunnies who call the Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary their forever home.

Now let's travel back to the belts on....HERE WE GO....

October 2016....The Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary rescued 13 English Angora Bunnies that turned into 31 within days of arrival.

Honor or remember a loved one with a monetary or in-kind donation benefitting 13 rescued English Angora Rabbits from a bloodline, with weakened immune systems; and their 8 senior-citizen rescue kitty siblings.

NOTE:  A couple of days after the bunnies arrived, they started having babies.  At one point we were caring for 31 rabbits.

Due to the population explosion that was unanticipated, and in the best interest of the bunnies,  we adopted 14 that were 14-weeks-old to a reputable organiztions that will spay/neuter each and find suitable homes.

Make a difference
PLEASE ...Help feed and provide for the rescued English Angora Bunnies and their babies, that now are healthy and enjoying life with their 7 over-the-hill rescues kitties.

Share this page
Please share our story with friends and family, through social media, your blog, news media, Youtube; and perhaps even printing ready-made posters (below) and hanging them around town.

And, if you can, please share your time, talent and treasure with these rescued animals.

Our Story

A loving breeder of English Angora rabbits had life changes that left her unable to care for her 13 purebred English Angora rabbits. 

Some had sores on their feet.  They all had mites, fleas, bugs and gargantuan tangled and matted fur. Some had mud, dirt and poo dried into their fur. They were thin and unwell. We rescued them on Friday, October 28, 2016. 

We took them right to our veterinarian, Dr. O at the Bird & Exotic Pet & Wellness Center in Toledo, Ohio.  She said all were on the malnourished side, but other than that were healthy, beautiful English Angora bunnies

Our vet said they needed a bath; and that it was fine to bathe the bunnies in flea/tick/mite and de-shedder shampoo. We bathed them and blew them dry.

We scrubbed and sanitized their hutches and provided Timothy Hay, rabbit food, organic apple/pear/blueberry twigs and fresh water. Along with cuddles, love and toys.

Kind volunteers helped us groomed each bunny.  Volunteers also helped us with daily care of the rabbits, and even took care of them when we went to Akron for Thanksgiving with our family.  We truly appreciate the kind love they have shared with these precious bunnies.

Compromised Immune Systems

These rabbits come from a bloodline with a weakened immune system that can make some susceptible to illness. 

Every rabbit is born exposed to a barrage of bacteria and other things that can make them sick, which can weaken their immune systems and cause illness.

However, not all rabbits have weakened immune systems.  Even some rabbits from bloodlines with weakened immunes systems are healthy and never get sick. Sometimes people mistake rabbits with a runny nose to be sick, but often these bunnies have allergies.  Especially to hay dust.

Even if a rabbit gets sick, an experienced exotic animal veterinarian can treat the rabbit with antibiotics and/or any other meds needed; and most of these beautiful bunnies can go on to live long happy lives.

We desperately need your time, talent and treasure to continue properly providing for this most delightful brigade of critters.

A fuzzy, friendly 31 animals need your contribution veterinary care, hay, pellets, Yesterday’s News litter; maintenance of their Sanctuary room housing and other needed expenses.  We are 100% volunteer operated with NO ONE getting paid.  Just people giving lots of love.

Living Quarters ~ URGENT RESTORATION NEEDEDWe have a climate-controlled sunroom attached to the back of our home.  It has surround windows and skylights. It is our Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary. 

t’s about 1200 or so square feet and looks a bit like a ballet studio, as it has a wall with floor to ceiling widows.

The celling is vaulted with a fan.  It also has a gas wall heater, used as a supplemental source of heat. The floor is hardwood; however, when it was installed it wasn’t properly sealed or maintained.  It desperately needs replaced as soon as possible to assure the cleanliness of the Sanctuary.

The 8-foot long Pella skylight windows are leaking, and have caused ceiling damage.  The windows need replaced and the structural damage from the leakage needs fixed.

Due to improper installation, the large Pella surround windows drip condensation onto the wood frame causing the wood to rot.  These windows either need installed properly with the structural damage fixed, or just replaced.

We need your help with this.

How we got involved
We adopted our Little Bunny LuLu in January of 2015. We named her after my mother, Nancy McClamroch, who used the name Flashy LuLu as her online gaming name. She loved to play Poker online.

In May, it will have been two years since my mother went to Heaven, as a result of the very same thing that killed our LuLu: medication toxicity.

We knew our LuLu came from a bloodline of rabbits with weakened immune systems. The breeder was very honest with us.

We took LuLu to the veterinarian on several occasions; and she was always well.  Several times she did courses of antibiotics.

Death by Overdose

One evening LuLu developed a fever of 107.  We rushed her to a local clinic and they gave her IV antibiotics.  She had a respiratory infection. Her fever almost immediately came down.

For some reason the clinic gave LuLu a higher than normal dose of pain medicine, even though she wasn’t in pain. 

Pain medicine can depress breathing, especially in an animal with a respiratory infection.

We were told the pain medication dose given was too high and they had administered Naloxone to try to reverse it.

The Naloxone didn’t help and our precious LuLu crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven.  It was like losing my mother all over again. And it was to us the loss of a child we dearly loved. Our hearts will forever be broken from the loss of my mother and her namesake, our precious LuLu.

Turning Pain into Helping We turned our pain into outreach to LuLu’s family that needed care because their loving breeder had life changes that prevented her from providing the care she had been giving her bunnies, but could no longer provide.

We prayed about what to do; and it came to use that rescuing LuLu’s family was a way to honor my mother and our LuLu

We contacted the breeder and asked if she would allow us to have the rabbits, as she was no longer able to properly care for them. She graciously agreed.

Volunteers, donors and our veterinarian are giving Little Bunny LuLu's family of rabbits a quality of life with loads of love, proper attention, daily care and ongoing veterinarian care. 

We intend to have them spayed and neutered so that this trait of weakened immune systems can stop in this bloodline.

Shocking Surprise…BABIES!! 

A couple days after they arrived, three of the bunnies gave birth:  Fourteen English Angora babies.  Sadly, three were stillborn; but the remaining 11 are happy, healthy and beautiful.

14 English Angora 14-week-old babies adopted out

Reputable Rescue organizations adopted 14 bunnies that they will spay/neuter and find good home for.

Weakend immune system bloodline
Due to the bunnies coming from a blood line of weakened immune systems that possibly could lead to illness, we must assure the bunnies are adopted by people willing to take close, loving care and ongoing veterinary care for the bunnies.

Adoption Process 
We have an application people interested in adopting a bunny must complete.  We check references, and if all is well, the family adopting one of our bunnies agrees to and sign a contract and pay an adoption fee.

The contract states that the person is fully aware that the bunny comes from a bloodline of bunnies with weakened immune systems, could possibly have or develop a weakened immune system and can possibly become ill as a result.

It also states that the bunny isn’t to be contact with other bunnies (due to the possible immune system weakness)..
The weakened immune system, our veterinarian said, cannot be spread to people or other species of animals.

The contract also requires the new owner to have the bunny spayed/neutered within 30 days of adoption by an Exotic Animal Veterinarian. Some veterinarians use the spay/neuter technique that is used for cats. 

Our veterinarian says using the cat spay/neuter method can be dangerous, as  bunnies have very delicate bodies that require special procedures for spaying and neutering. Our veterinarian said that using the cat spay/neuter technique can result in death.

We require a receipt as proof of spaying/neutering.  Any bunnies not spayed/neutered within 30-days of adoption must return the bunny to us.  The contract requires that the bunnies have an initial examination within one week of being adopted by an Exotic Animal Veterinarian. At that appointment, the spay/neuter is to be scheduled.

It also requires regular, wellness veterinary care; as well as immediate veterinary care should the rabbit stop eating, develop sneezing, or became lethargic or have any other abnormal symptoms. It also requires the rabbit to be housed indoors in a roomy hutch that’s only used only at night and when the owner is not home.  Bunnies need space to hop and play and cannot be cooped in a hutch.  They can be taught to use a litter box; however only specialty litter can be used.  Bunnies sometimes eat clumping cat litter; which can cause death.; therefore, it cannot be use.  We recommend Yesterday’s News, which are pellets made from recycled newspaper.  Our veterinarian said these are safe for bunnies. You can talk with your veterinarian about other safe forms of litter.

A folder with pertinent bunny care comes along with the bunny.

The contract also requires close supervision of the bunny and bunny-proofing of the home.  Rabbits can chew on wires and get electrocuted.  And chew on or eat other dangerous things.  Close supervision is a must.They can also eat small object that can cause choking and death. Rabbits love to chew on just about everything and need to be supervised. Information in the Bunny Care Folder we provide will give bunny-proofing information as well as websites with further information.
The contract requires proper grooming of the rabbit, which includes brushing and regular haircuts.  Some groomers provide grooming services for rabbits. We will provide a list f websites that offer tips on grooming your rabbit yourself.

The contract requires that adopted bunnies that can no longer be taken care of be returned to us.

The contract has a liability waiver that states that you understand the bunnies come from a bloodline of bunnies with compromised immune systems and that you are aware that your rabbit might have a compromised immune system and possibly become sick and need veterinary attention.Each $300 ADOPTION FEE pays for ONE of the bunnies permanently residing at Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary to be spayed/neutered.

Please donate, share on social media, volunteer and choose to donate items on the bunnies’ wish listYour donation of time, talent and treasure means so much. 

100% of your donations for bunny care
Be assured that 100% of your donation will be used for direct care for these bunnies.

Verify our legitimacy, call our vet

To verify the legitimacy of this endeavor, you can contact our vet, Dr. Orosz at The Bird & Exotic Animal Wellness Center located at 5166 Monroe St. Suite 306, Toledo, Ohio 43623. Their phone number [phone redacted]. Dr. O's Bird & Exotic Pet Wellness Center 

Who we are
My name is Jim Karasek. I work in administration for a local nonprofit homelessness agency. I have nearly 30 years of nonprofit leadership experience with emphasis in finance and operations. 

We have the experience needed to work with others to develop a Rabbit Sanctuary for these bunnies that are family of our beloved Little Bunny LuLu. 

We have already invested a considerable amount of our own money to care for these rabbits.


The Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary is transparent, with receipts for all expenses, as well as a list of incoming donations. Donors can also remain anonymous.

Our website will have a section for Memorial & Tribute Donations to honor your beloved pets, family and friends. 

Donors will get a note of thanks and the family of pet or person memorialized or given tribute to will be sent a card with no mention of amount given. 


Volunteers are needed immediately to help care for, groom and socialize the rabbits. We are in Monclova Township, Ohio.

No experience needed. Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

This is a nonsmoking environment. We ask volunteers to serve at least one 3-hour shift per week. Volunteers will need to complete an application and have references.

DRAFT of The Bunny Sanctuary’s YEAR ONE budget 
We are in dire need of your support.  We have borrowed money to help these animals

-bunny supplies for  31  bunnies  and 8 cats (Water bottles, hay holders, hutch necessities, Yesterday’s News, cleaning supplies, throw rugs with backing that can be easily washed, additional hutches, misc.), $7000

-annual well vet examinations for 31 animals, with any meds needed, $5000

- spay/neuter procedures with meds needed with follow up care, $7000

-Ongoing veterinary care and medications for 23 rabbits and 8 kitties, $7000

-Rabbit food for 23 rabbits (hay, organic twigs, organic greens, rabbit food) and 8 kitties $4500

-Replacement of Rabbit Sanctuary floor for safety and cleanliness of rabbits and kitties. $7,000

-Replacement/repair of Rabbit Sanctuary (leaking/rotting) windows, $6,000

-Grooming supplies, $700 (clippers, brushes, combs, scissors, etc.)

-Food and soda for volunteers grooming and providing social interaction with bunnies, $400 (snacks, soda)

-Website domain and hosting cost, $400 annually (will feature donor list and ads for companies giving in-kind product donations). Will also feature updates, pictures and stories about bunny funnies.

-Misc. expenses needed for care of rabbits, $5000

Bunny Need List    

-Timothy Hay (Store or home grown without pesticides)

-Mixed leafy greens- weekly since they are perishable.

-Manna Pro, Gro and Sho Pellets (We mix them.  Availabe at Tractor Supply Stores)

-Various sizes of rugs with backs that prevents water from penetrating through (we need tons of these)

-Safe bunny toys (toddler toys like key sets, and other safe cat toys rabbits would enjoy.)

-Organic twigs (no pesticides or bugs). We love Phoenix Farms twigs. 

You can purchase them on eBay at and have them shipped right to us. 

Just let them know you’re buying them for the Little Bunny LuLu Sanctuary in Maumee, Ohio.  They have our contact information

-Classical music CDS (pre-owned are fine). The rabbits can enjoy the soothing music.

-Two Small CD/Radio players to play the CDs for the bunnies

-Yesterday’s News, for litter boxes and pans.

-Bounty paper towels

-Disposable bed pads 

-Yankee Candles in jar, cinnamon smell…covers the hay smell nicely

…more to add…headed back to bunnies!!!

Thank you for reading this. Please DONATE and share this with others and encourage them to share this donate and volunteer!

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