Kim Carlsberg's Housing Emergency

Dear Friends, 

I am urgently asking for your assistance. Please read this through to the end.

Those of you who have followed me as a UFO researcher, know the trials I have suffered as a result of going public with my story. My life has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. I have had to endure unspeakable ridicule by family, friends, and the general public. The abductions have left me with severe insomnia and PTSD, among other disorders and physical maladies. I have been continually surveilled and attacked by Black Ops, who have been all too successful in rendering my life absolutely chaotic.

As you may know, many women, like myself, who speak out in this field, have little luck finding a significant other who can understand and/or tolerate the intricacies of such a life. Therefore, I have had to brave it solo. 

Last year, I was forced to shut down the successful UFO Nightvision Tour business in Sedona, Arizona, that I had worked 4 years to build-up, because of chemtrails. The skies had became so polluted, that I was forced to cancel 90% of my tours. If you can't see the stars, you can't see the UFOs.

I decided to return to Kansas City where I was born, because I knew of nowhere else to go. Upon my arrival, my only remaining sibling died a horrific death. I recently tried to help my only niece put her home on the market. I was working in her yard and breathed in poison oak; an upper respiratory infection permeated my entire system. I have been ill now for over 3 months, and on multiple rounds of steroids and antibiotics and with no health insurance.

As a result, I am now 6 months behind in my rent with no income. My landlord has been understanding, but has informed me he cannot let this go on another month. Over the course of my life, I have never looked into government assistance, until now. The results are grim. Assisted housing here is only available for women with children. I am not eligible to receive disability or other financial assistance. I do not quality for any social services other than food stamps, which I have recently gratefully excepted. Additionally, I am several months behind on all of my utilities and very concerned they could be disconnected any day.

I have had to let the insurance on my 17 year old truck drop, and the tags expired last week. In Missouri, an inspection and proof of insurance is required before you can register your vehicle. I had the truck inspected, but it failed because of needed repair, another minimum $600.

I have never been lazy... 8 years of college, first woman in the Hollywood Camera Union - IATSE, owned several photography & design studios, and other small businesses, shared in the creation of the TV series BayWatch, earned 4 real estate licenses and a CDL, renovated 8 homes, authored 3 books, and I am an international keynote speaker.  All of this withstanding, life continues to throw unforeseeable punch after punch, and once again, I find myself at the bottom of the barrel searching for a way up and out.

Over the course of the last year, I have been applying for countless jobs. In today's world, with the internet, employers immediately Google your name. If you Google my name, there is no hiding what I am known for. I am living in the Bible belt now, where the general public knows very little about the UFO phenomenon. If they do, they consider it craziness, nonsense, or it is often believed to be evil. Needless to say, I am not receiving calls back.

I finally decided to go after another real estate license here, because being self-employed is the only way to circumvent the problems associated with my reputation and trying to land a regular job. I did recently pass the test, but unfortunately there are expenses in getting started, and it will likely take months to obtain clients and earn commissions, especially considering the short amount of time I have lived here and the few people I know. Real estate is a social business that, not to mention, requires transportation.

This morning, a dear friend suggested I set up a GoFundMe campaign. I was unfamiliar with GoFundMe, and I pray it will be the miracle I am in such need of.

And so my dear friends and comrades, I am appealing to your hearts to simply help me get back on my feet, so I may become self-sufficient again. I was homeless once when, in 2010, I lost my house(s) to the real estate crash. For me, this was as frightening as being abducted by aliens, and equally as hard to recover from. Without help, I, along with my 16 year old cat, Bounce, will be homeless yet again. 

I am estimating that to get these urgent necessities, including transportation, caught-up, I am in need of approximately $9,000, although I will be grateful for anything I receive, and will pay it forward in every way I am able.

I thank, and send blessings, to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I humbly ask that you share this anyone you think may care.

Down, but not yet out!
Much Love, Kim Carlsberg

Note: For the first 20 donations of $60 or more, I will immeditely send you a signed copy of my coffee table book, The Art of Close Encounters. Beyond the first 20, donations of $60 or more, I will ship you a signed copy as as soon as I can get them out of storage in Phoenix, which may take a couple of months.
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    • $60 
    • 42 mos
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    • $111 
    • 42 mos
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    • $888 
    • 42 mos
  • Edward Strachar 
    • $333 
    • 43 mos
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    • $100 
    • 44 mos
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Kim Carlsberg 
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