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Kevin's Turkey Leg Fund

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Hey everybody, it's Mike from The Quack Attack here. Not too long ago, Kevin made a bold claim that he could eat 10 turkey legs in one sitting. It's time to put that to the test. 

On January 28, we'll hold our first (annual?) Kevin Turkey Leg Challenge. Kevin will attempt to eat 10 turkey legs while Mike, Tommy and possibly some special guests livestream and podcast.  

This page is here in case you, the devote Quackolyte want to help us out. You can defray some of the cost of 10 turkey legs and move up our secret Quackolyte leaderboard in one fell swoop. Any money you give will be put to use purchasing turkey legs or any other equipment needed to livestream. If we have leftover funds, we'll either put them towards the cost of the podcast or donate them to charity.


The Quack Attack
Dallas, TX

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