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38394302_1554922512529285_r.jpeg38394302_1555033343106491_r.jpeg38394302_1555033392930646_r.jpeg38394302_1555033437982101_r.jpeg38394302_1555033534555586_r.jpegAfter arriving home from work, I still had some work to finish off, so I was working on my laptop outside. I decided it was almost time to call it a night so went inside and lit the scented candle on the table next to my bed. I got changed into my nightgown and went to put my clothes in the laundry basket. Deciding there was enough for a load I put the washing on and went to turn off the garage light where I had been working on my car earlier. I turned around and when looking through the laundry door I could see my room was burning red with flames which were already climbing the walls. I screamed louder than anyone would have ever thought possible, as if my lungs were going to give out to wake my dad who was asleep upstairs.  I screamed several times fire fire dad fire. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard him get up and rush to the stairs so I looked towards my bedroom to see if I could find bugs bunny and honey bunny my gorgeous fur babies who had the best little setup, with an outdoor hutch that had 2 stories with the top story giving them access to inside via my bedroom window where there was a cat climbing post and a set of stairs so that they could go in and out freely. The bunnies predominantly cane inside at night and hid under my bed, but lately had been enjoying being on the bed too. I looked in towards my room where blaze was now growing and the smoke was incredibly thick. Dad got to the bottom of the stairs and pulled me away following the barely visible path to the back door to get us both out of the house. I fumbled in the dark to connect the hose to the tap when dad jumped in and grabbed it and started to try stop the fire. My phone and laptop were still outside so I grabbed my phone and somehow even through the confusion and stress I called 000. I don’t even know if the first time I called got through but I screamed the address and that there was a fire and continued screaming for anyone to help. 
I called my friend who lived nearby who heard screaming on the other end of the phone and rushed over then called 000 again, in case the first time didn’t work. Dad continued using the hose to stop the fire with little success. The water was vaporising before it even touched the flames. Dad screamed out in not insured and my heart sunk.

I ran to the other hose in the pool area and tried to connect it, but the tap size was different to the connector and so it was not going to fit so I continued screaming. My neighbour, unable to find keys to his locked security door ran through it, tearing the metal hatching part from the locked frame and came out to try help. I came back to near dad and the flames were wild. Burning an intense heat that caused the glass from my window and the back door to explode towards us. 
Then with some quick thinking, knowing the fire crew was on its way, the neighbours thought about getting out of there because the house was coming down. 

The whole back half of the house and upstairs were engulfed in the blaze and flames were visible from the front garden where the beautiful neighbours had gathered in support and someone said to move the cars (we had 6 on the property at the time) so my brave dad ran back into the flames to get as many keys as he could from near the door but the neighbours had already started pushing them with the cars in neutral. 
Dad got back out of the blazing house and we somehow ended up near the wall as the fire crews arrived (less than 4 minutes after my call).

My friend also arrived and seeing me as i tried to run back into the flames for the bunnies he grabbed me and held me back telling me I’d die if I go in.

Being late, I was wearing nothing but a nightgown and was apparently shaking whilst watching and crying knowing the girls were stuck. My neighbours offered me clothes, food and shelter but the shock was not letting me feel the cold so for a while there I refused the jumper until someone put it on for me because I didn’t even know how to function at this stage.
The damage was done.. the fire crews fought the blaze for hours before the house was deemed unsafe and we were blocked from going back in and we had no idea if any of the animals survived.

I had told the fire crews to look for the bunnies who were in my room but no one said anything of if they could find them and the pigeons copped so much smoke I was sure they would be gone and the chickens, well they were asleep out the back but I had no idea what they endured. It was a nightmare. My world crashed as my incredible dad, someone who run to the end of the earth if I were in trouble, who took me in at a tough time in my life, had his entire life’s earnings in this house watched it go up in flames because of me, lighting a candle.

But even in light of this he remained strong for me, saying it’s just a house, just things and the only thing he cared about was that we were okay. 
But in my mind I knew people would say why wasn’t the house insured, the simple answer to that is because of life. Dad brought the house with a friend then after the boom his friend wanted to sell so dad either had to buy the other half or sell his half. He had signed a fixed term mortgage so he would have endured stupendous fees if he sold his portion early so he instead brought the other half. This left his mortgage rediculously high so majority of his pay was going straight into the house and there was not much left for the rest of the bills. So he, like many others had to decide what was absolutely necessary. Food, water and electricity were the no brainers but they left not enough for insurance so he went without. And sometimes if he decided to go out for dinner, say to catch up with me when I wasn’t living there, he would have to skip other meals that week, something I only found out whilst living with him.

Im lucky dad and I got out alive but my girls- Bugs bunny and honey bunny were not so lucky and when finally allowed to look through the rubble I found them having perished in the flames.

Already my friends, family and neighbors have rallied together in support to help my dad and I through this time for which I’m so incredibly greatful. But I still feel that after all his hard work he deserves something to show for it. And at this stage we can’t even afford the demolition. So I’m asking you to help us get back on our feet by helping us demolish/rebuild the house. If if you have anything you could spare to help us rebuild than please donate here or contact me for bank details. 

I can’t thank you all enough for your kindness and support.


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Gemma Kelly 
Thornlie, WA
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