Katy Dog Friends - Hurricane Harvey

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

During this time of crisis I have opened my veterinary hospital to assist the Katy residents with pets.  My offices are working with minimal staff, as some of them are still not able to make it back to work.

Tuesday afternoon my family and staff helped evacuate a fellow veterinarian’s hospital.  We were able to get about 30 cats to higher ground, at my West Cinco office.  I was also able to take in several of my neighbors’ animals who had nowhere else to take them.  During this entire time, we were also moving already boarded animals from our Highland Knolls location, as the water service was an issue.

During the time of transporting animals from one clinic to another, a friend volunteering called me about three German Shepherds that were found in the back yard of a house.  Two of the dogs were still locked in crates, while one was able to break out of the crate.  The two dogs still in the crates had about six inches of room in the crate to breath.  Thankfully the volunteers cared more than the owners and managed to load all three dogs on a boat and ferry them out of the flooding waters. 

I was initially apprehensive about taking the dogs because I did not know the situation of my larger boarding facility.  However, we discovered that the water was back on and we were in an area that was not expected to have any additional rising water.  I felt compelled to do something now that I knew we could properly care for these dogs and I agreed to take them. 

Upon examining these dogs, I realized the full extend to the abuse and neglect that appears to have been going on for years.  The dogs are underweight, full of intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks, and have poor muscle development, probably from years of crating and no exercise.  These dog have the strongest heartworm test I have ever seen and full of microfilaria (baby heartworms). 

The dogs were immediately given food and water.  The female immediately turned over the bowl of water.  I guess she had enough water from the flood.  All three dogs were bathed and started on medications for intestinal parasites and they were also given flea and tick preventives. 

The dogs were scanned for chips and all three have microchips. However, there is no way I am going to return these dogs to abusive owners without a fight.  I have contacted the Houston SPCA and filed an on-line animal abuse report.  I have not heard back from the SPCA, but I know everyone is currently overwhelmed and doing the best they can for now. 

The dogs will need long-term care to allow them to return to normal life.  Although many have reached out to possibly adopt these animals, I cannot adopt them out because I am not the owner.  German Shephard rescue is willing to take them, but the legal ownership must be resolved.  Meanwhile, I would like to provide quality care for these three very sweet dogs.  If you are willing and able to make a donation for the specific care of these dogs, it would be greatly appreciated. 

I would like to properly treat these dogs for heartworm, and this is expensive treatment.  I am willing to donate all my time, expertise and housing of the animals until they are done with treatment, which will take months.  My staff is also on board and want to do whatever they can to help these wonderful dogs that just want love and attention. 

Please help us properly treat these dogs.

Dr.Mark Purser
Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group

  • Direct Impact Fund 
    • $385 
    • 60 mos
  • Kathi Smith 
    • $25 
    • 60 mos
  • Karen Melmed 
    • $25 
    • 60 mos
  • Stephanie Gilley 
    • $100 
    • 60 mos
  • Tina Hill 
    • $500 
    • 60 mos
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Mark Purser 
Katy, TX