Kandrahs Thyroid Fight for 7 Strong

When Kandrah was 16 years old the doctors told her she had borderline thyroid problems. Doctors then suggested treating it with diet, because her doctor felt medication was not a good solution. Diet helped for a while, but eventually, thyroid medications were prescribed to Kandrah before the age of 20 for Hypothyroidism. In 2007 she had her first child and in 2008 her second child was born. During both pregnancies, her thyroid would stabilize and thyroid medication was not needed. In 2013 after the birth of her third child, Kandrah's thyroid turned from being Hypothyroid to Hyperthyroid which since then, she has been treated for Hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease, also at that time tests found nodules had formed on her thyroid and was not a concern being they were small in size. Kandrah now has 5 children and during each and every pregnancy her thyroid would somewhat stabilize. However, in between pregnancies, she would struggle with her thyroid levels and medications would be adjusted by monitoring and regular blood tests.

In September 2016 almost immediately after the birth of her fifth child, everything changed rapidly and her health was going in a bad direction. Kandrah started battling with severe postpartum depression, and weeks of insomnia. She was crying all the time, had no energy, she was withdrawing from family, friends, and the things she enjoyed. She tried her best to make things seem fine to all of us while her health was silently spinning out of control. By November Kandrah was experiencing severe hallucinations, she was confused and disoriented and scared. On Thanksgiving Day we realized something was terribly wrong and we rushed her to the Emergency Room. During this time we were in direct contact with her Endocrinologist and our concerns were that of a "Thyroid Storm" (which is a life threatening health condition). Both the ER doctor and her Endocrinologist could not confirm this and Kandrah was sent home. The very next day Kandrahs symptoms were worse so we took her back to the ER and there they did an evaluation on her mental health and she was sent home for the second time.  Within several hours, her symptoms were once again worsening, she was more and more confused and her fears were overwhelming even to herself, and we returned to the ER for a third time now.  We were watching our daughter/sister/wife and mommy, slowly slipping away and we did not know what to do and it was frightening. On that third and final visit and hours of waiting , she was being evaluated once again for her mental health and was being prepped for admission into the hospital, and God sent us a Therapist (angel) that talked to Kandrah and she told her to go home and visit an out-patient clinic for mental health.  (This medical therapist was literally an answer to prayers. Had Kandrah been admitted to the hospital she would have been medicated and the treatment she would have received would have been very wrong and she would have been kept away from her family also. God protected Her!)  
Days immediately following she spent time in psychiatric meetings, therapy sessions, not to mention much time away from her family. The psychiatrists medicated her so heavily she was unable to function at all. We were watching her sleep all day and night from prescribed medications. Her confusion was worsening and we were making phone calls to Christian Counselors for prayer and healing, also reaching out to medical providers and hospitals for advice. We were digging more and more into information and the symptoms of a "Thyroid Storm" because we felt at that time, and still feel today that the doctors were very wrong in the treatment she was receiving. As a family, at that time, we agreed that Kandrah needed to stop all medications prescribed by these psychiatrists, and we went forward with prayer and guidance from the Lord to heal her and for her to be treated correctly for her thyroid.

As of January of this year, Kandrah has been doing well and all her symptoms have slowly subsided. She has been seeking treatment to eliminate her thyroid through surgery. She has undergone ultrasounds, biopsies, blood tests, change in thyroid medications and surgery options.

On June 15th Kandrah finally had surgical removal of her thyroid and biopsies of areas surrounding her thyroid. On June 27th she received results and a diagnosis of Stage 1 PapillaryThyroid Carcinoma Cancer or PTC on her thyroid that have spread to surrounding lymph nodes, and Doctors are recommending Radioactive Iodine Treatment to kill the cancer, in the weeks coming. This treatment will put her into a "quarantine situation" and she will be away from her family and loved ones for at least a week. She and her husband will be seeking a safe, comfortable and much-needed environment for Kandrah to be alone for a week during her treatment. She will need a Hotel Suite/Rental near her home where she will be provided with a bed, bathroom, and kitchen to herself, or may need to be admitted back into the hospital if necessary.
Kandrah is a stay-at-home mom of 5 and homeschools 2 of her children and has a lot of help from her family during this time. Her husband Josh is the only financial provider for their family and has had much needed time off from work to help Kandrah, be with the kids, and get her back and forth to doctor visits. With doctor visits, ER visits, hospital admission, surgery, medications, and treatments needed, doctor bills are piling up and have put a financial strain on the family.

We are asking for your prayers at this time for Kandrah and her family!

Josh and Kandrah are a pretty private couple about what goes on in their lives, but as their family, we are hoping for as many prayers and support as possible!

Also if you feel lead to help with their financial needs, it would be very appreciated!
Medical bills not completely covered by insurance...
-ER visits
-hospital stay and surgery
-hormone injections
Hotel Suite/Rental or Hospital Stay (August 2017)
-to cover at least 1 week
Lost/Unpaid Wages for Josh while he is home with the kids
-to cover 1 week
We are estimating approx $10,000

*It is also our goal, to reach out and bring awareness to these types of symptoms. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to get to an Endocrinologist Doctor and have all thyroid levels appropriately tested, because a proper thyroid function is vital to your health. We believe people are being misdiagnosed and the solution could be an underlying thyroid problem.

Sincerely, Thank You and God Bless You!
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