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This GoFundMe is for everyone impacted by pandemic price-gouging, the inflation crisis; and excessive interest rate hikes targeting consumers without addressing the share of inflation attributed to corporate greedflation.

The Crowd Scale Catalyst Substack launch - is a call to unite to expose a $3 trillion pandemic heist, a financial injustice so excessive we are called to collective action.

Our objectives are clear - your donation helps to:

  • Reclaim what has been unjustly taken in the pandemic - claw back our money, and rollback inappropriate pandemic price hikes that can’t be allowed to perpetuate the inflation crisis.
  • Dismantle inappropriate corporate schemes through crowd-funded advocacy campaigns and pandemic litigation.
  • Leverage our collective purchasing power and social media prowess as a deterrent and a reward.

You were right; something changed in the pandemic period — something fundamentally unsustainable.

In the wake of the pandemic, we reveal a $3.28 trillion dollar heist of excessive pandemic profits extracted from Americans in a national emergency where 1,200,000 souls were lost. It is an outrageous and incomprehensible amount of money, an embarrassment of corporate riches, with trillions of dollars inappropriately transferred from the many to a privileged few during a pandemic national emergency.

It works out to:
  • $519/month for every employed person.
  • $6,231 each year, hereafter and 'forevermore' if not stopped now.
  • $20,523 / each over the past 3.25 years.
  • $80,592 if invested monthly into your retirement plan over 10yrs.
  • Double these numbers for two income households.

Intuitively, does that seem about right to you? Considering increases in food, transportation, housing, insurance, education, daycare, healthcare, and entertainment – is it plausible that the cumulative effect of pandemic greedflation and interest rate hikes is extracting about $500 per month from each working person, $6,000 per year, and $12,000 per household?

The Federal Reserve's response to the pandemic-induced inflation crisis also involved drastically increasing interest rates. Intended to control inflation, this action instead has brought financial hardship to consumers, disproportionately affecting family incomes, jobs, homes, and retirement savings. This aggressive fiscal policy stance appears to ignore the significant role that pandemic exploitation, excessive profiteering, and relentless price increases play in driving this inflation crisis. The Federal Reserve’s approach seems to acquiesce to and enable broader efforts by corporations, investors, and politicians to permanently embed these pandemic gains and price levels.

The approach to tackling inflation through rate hikes is proving ineffective because we are dealing with a new type of inflation known as 'greedflation.' In the post-pandemic period, inflation is excessively driven by corporate greed, ambition, and the ingrained expectation that profits must grow annually, even from the inflated levels seen during and after the pandemic.

To sustain these unprecedented profit levels and stave off a stock market crash, corporations now expect consumers to subsidize $1 trillion annually in excessive pandemic profits, which translates to approximately $519 per consumer each month indefinitely. It is imperative that we unite to lead pressure campaigns designed to roll back prices more sustainable pre-pandemic trends.

The Pandemic Financial Justice Thesis guides our quest for Justice. Collectively, at very large crowd scale we explore strategies and tactics engineered to interrupt the cycle of inflated pandemic profits and elevate financial equilibrium.

The majority of American households can’t continue to pay an extra $500 per month per person; they can’t continue to subsidize these levels of corporate profits. It will drive the economy into a downturn, a natural cycle when the system is broken. Smart people sense a recession is coming and they are justly upset, because it takes average families about a decade to fully recover. On the flip side – these economic downturns are something the wealthiest easily sidestep and in retrospect they often profit from.

We're launching a movement to realign our beloved brands with true north. Together, we'll champion a marketplace where profits are the fruit of integrity, not the spoils of battle - one where profits are earned by valuing customers, employees, communities, and shareholders alike.

"Crowd Scale Catalyst," is a Substack community committed to addressing the pressing issues of our time.

Our vision is to make possible "Fulfilling our highest potential as we age." This process framework above embodies our mission which is to - unite in collective pursuit of financial security, to gain more control of our time, so that it can be invested into our health and wellness.

Through mastery of our digital world we enable step changes in personal capability and productivity that enhance our financial security, and amplify our unique human attributes to gain control over time itself.

Time and newfound financial resources we then invest into enhancing our health and wellness. This investment enables a virtuous cycle, granting us additional time, expanded workspan and more control. A process that empowers us to achieve our fullest potential as we age - paving the way for a future characterized by exceptional wellness, vitality, and perhaps extended longevity.

The newsletter serves as a platform for advocacy, working to dismantle systemic financial injustices and advocating for policies and practices that ensure economic prosperity for all.

Together, as a large community, we harness and focus our combined intelligence, passion, talent, expertise, purchasing power, and crowd-scale micro-funding capability to ‘catalyze’ purposeful crowd-scale projects that matter.

This GoFundMe is funding efforts to create a large online Substack community and a massive social media following dedicated to rectifying the injustices of pandemic profiteering, securing financial reparations, rolling back prices to pre-pandemic trends, and fighting to put the proceeds of the excessive interest rate hikes back into our retirement accounts.
  • A place where we unite to achieve our highest potential, and rally to rectify systemic injustices that pillage financial security, steal time away from us, and jeopardize long-term health.
  • A cause championing the rights of every American affected by pandemic price hikes, excessive interest rate hikes, and an inflation crisis driven in part by greedflation.
  • Insightfully researched articles with audio voice overs exploring and exposing the financial schemes and scams that frustrate our daily lives.
  • Purposeful topics that matter / themes that resonate deeply as true.
  • Where we create and explore strategies to push back against pandemic exploitation, and tactics to claw-back what was taken under guise of a pandemic national emergency.
  • A movement that wields our joint spending power and social media acumen as both a shield and an incentive.
  • This is the platform where we transform our collective concerns and passion into tangible, impactful actions that correct financial injustices.

Netflix emerges as a prime case study. This entertainment giant, which consumers sustained and buoyed through the height of the pandemic lockdown, now stands at the crossroads of public sentiment due to controversial pandemic profiteering and corporate tactics that raise eyebrows. We investigate these moves on Substack, and with support will scrutinize them in greater detail to construct a course of action that could potentially reclaim $10 billion of excessive pandemic profits extracted from consumers, captive to a media giant in a national crisis.

Above is an outline of the process roadmap detailing how we can repeatedly harness the power of collective action to dismantle inappropriate profiteering schemes. It is a streamlined six-step process designed for efficacy and impact, applicable to all crowd-scale initiatives.

Our combined purchasing power is a sleeping giant - when we realize consumers, customers, and subscribers are the lifeblood of corporations. By uniting through coordinated boycotts, strategic social media campaigns, and crowd-funded legal challenges, we possess the means to realign the balance of economic power between corporations and consumers.

At crowd scale we are a formidable force for change, at very-large scale we can impose change

About me:

In my professional life I am an independent consultant and a seasoned enterprise scale program manager with a history of leading successful multi-million dollar projects with large project teams and hundreds of stakeholders. Over the years I’ve acquired experience, knowledge and insight into corporate dynamics and how they operate. Here on Substack I’m dedicating time to leading purpose-driven, crowd scale initiatives that may resonate deeply with you.

I'm bringing this project to you as a fully-functional Substack platform, complete with a compelling financial justice thesis and in-depth researched articles that will resonate deeply with you. This platform now stands ready to propel our cause forward.

I’ve also invested significant personal funds, including those from my retirement savings to make this happen. Now, I turn to you for support to elevate our mission to the next stage. Without your involvement this fledgling movement risks fading away.

I took on this initiative because:
  • I have faith in you, in your ability to understand the forces conspiring against you, and faith that you will commit to advocating for your own self interests.
  • I am deeply troubled by pandemic profiteering schemes that fuel collective outrage; and I refuse to let them make the price hikes permanent 'forevermore.'
  • My skill set, extensive experience, and understanding of the challenges we face - equip us well for this endeavor.
  • It has become my duty to take the lead. For if not me, then who? Someone must rise to champion our cause and take a firm stand.

This is your invitation to join the project team: I have a few small asks of you, so that I can continue to advance the project on your behalf.

1) Please make small donation on GoFundMe

2) Join me on Substack as a paid subscriber, it is the platform where everything happens. (Currently 50% off the first year, just $5/month). (Crowd Scale Catalyst Substack)

3) Share this GoFundMe with everyone you know that is impacted by pandemic greedflation, interest rate hikes, and frustrated by the endless profiteering schemes.

4) Participate in Crowd Scale Campaigns that strike a chord with you. Netflix and auto/truck dealerships appear to have exploited the pandemic to excessively raise prices, resulting record windfall pandemic profits. They are potential candidates for our first Claw-Back campaigns.

Take a stand with us: donate, subscribe, share, and engage. Let's unite to pave the way for a more prosperous future.

Where the money goes:

We are pursuing billions in improperly acquired pandemic profits, which they have no intention of returning. This endeavor will necessitate contributions from everyone, even if small, to enhance our collective strength against their extensive legal capabilities and substantial corporate funds.

Marketing costs alone surpass $1 million annually. Engaging experts who can drive our mission forward will require entering into significant service agreements. Effective professionals command high fees. Top attorneys charge $750 to $1,500 per hour, and other experts often require contracts of over $100,000 for part-time work. These fees are justly earned when their expertise is crucial, well-recognized, and in high demand.

  • Funds are first directed towards sustaining the author’s work on Substack, growing the Crowd Scale Catalyst community, and developing a substantial social media following.
  • Subsequent funding is allocated to more expansive national social media campaigns, and paid services of various professionals. As funding permits, the services of expert resources like: attorneys, market researchers, financial analysts, economists, investigative journalists, social media agencies, and technical development resources may be required to expand outreach, refine campaign strategies and tactics. Funds also serve to defend the author, his family, and the movement from well-funded counteroffensive actions from corporations, special interest groups, and politicians that are the beneficiaries of accelerated-systemic, pandemic wealth transfer.

Funding Tiers & Objectives:

• This tier maintains the Substack platform for one year with the goal of building:
• A dedicated following: 5,000 Substack subscribers.
• 1 million social media followers.

• Supports Substack operations for two years, targeting:
• An expanded community: 10,000 Substack subscribers.
• A broader audience: Aiming for 5 million social media followers.
• Commences a more significant social media drive to expand our reach and influence.
• Lays the groundwork for essential legal backing to fortify our cause.

$1 Million Goal:
• Initiates a nationwide social media effort to foster growth and awareness.
• Employs legal and expert advisors to guide crowdfunding tactics and larger campaigns.
• Assembles a focused team, including third-party experts and service providers.
• Establishes structures for legal entities tasked with the ethical oversight of crowd-sourced investments and the fair distribution of any financial returns.
• Launches the first major campaign for reclaiming undue profits.

$5 Million and Beyond:
• Elevates the campaign to gain national attention, driving multiple crowdfunded campaigns.
• We are a force that is collaborating with advocacy groups and gains political support, drawing the attention of regulators such as the DOJ, FTC, SEC, CFPB, as well as state leaders, signaling the expanding influence of our movement.
• Spreads our message far and wide, with a substantial national social media campaign designed to significantly accelerate the momentum of our cause.

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