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Jewish Libertarians is making its first public debut at the 12th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival during the week of 21-28 June 2015 in Lancaster, New Hampshire. There are a number of costs associated with this, namely renting a plot in the well-trafficked Agora Valley. Being in the "downtown" of PorcFest will ensure more people hear the Jewish Libertarian voice.

Talks are planned, tchotchkes will be sold, and information given out. As the founder, I have already fronted the cost of this and will probably pledge at least $100 regardless of what gets raised. A number of people have requested some way to donate money to me for what I have done,  and I have received some bitcoin, but for those that prefer FRNs, here is your opportunity.

The main cost is for the plot of land for a booth, which comes to $350 plus $50 deposit. Additionally, I would like to have a properly kosher Shabbat dinner served to those interested, as well as a second and third meal, if possible. I have not gotten an estimate on this yet, but it may cost a few hundred. Other expenses will be incurred as well.

My goal is to raise at least $500, if not $1000. Anything leftover will go towards future events and projects. If this works out well, I will consider LibertyFest NYC in October and the International Students for Liberty Conference next February. Both would be really good opportunities to build a Jewish Libertarian network that is sorely needed. Muslims4Liberty and Christians for Liberty have pioneered this and had great success.


Mikey L
Manchester, NH

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