Jax’s road to Recovery

Jax’s Journey to Recovery

Please help get him healthy. 

Hi my name is JAX
I had a tough time living on the streets. I so affraid of people because they chased me.  I remembered who they are and even could remember their car if they tried to get me.  Even if they gave me food and would get scared and run away. My life was lonely.  I would people yell JAX. But I didn’t know they were there trying to help me.  I just running and hiding.  Every day I was getting itchy and these fleas were eating me up.  Then Moscito bit me and put worms in my heart. I have a heart murmur now. I am so smart they tried every thing to get me and could escape them all.  I had no idea all these people were trying help me.  During my last day on the street I gave these rescuers a run.  Over 5 Miles. Hiding and jumping out at them. Laying down because I wax getting so tired. But then I would get and take off. It gave me great pleasure to get away because I was in fear they were going to hurt.  Well then I just didn’t have any more energy. I tried to hide, but they found me.  And they were so nice to me.  I was picked up a man and carried long ways to his car.  I was so close to him but I felt ok. I put my head against his face.  Then I went to this amazing place were I felt so safe.  It was nice and cool and could sleep.  They took some blood fro me which didn’t hurt at all.  And they say I HW+ and very Anemic.  And I have a heart Murmur.  The people that were following me all Day came and gave me some love and fell a sleep.   The people that are hear now are so busy. I open my eyes and see them walking by me. They say hey Jax his how you feeling and don’t even feel like running.   I got two baths. I was very dirty they said.  I told them I live out side, my home was DIRT.. you know what they said.  I don’t ever have to go back to that dirt and they gave me a blanket.  They gave me a flea bath too. And a nice conditioner, they blew dry my hair.  I felt so happy and loved.  I would like thank every one who had taken the time to try rescue me.  And I want specially want thank any one who is going to donate for me to get me healthier so I can live a long time.  Also I would like to warn you my story is long because I on the run for 1,375 days. I am a survivor❤️

Please if you could donate and help us continue Jax’s journey to be healthy , pampered, spoiled and loved it would be much appreciated. No donation is to small.  

After 1375 days running loose, I am happy, exited and over Joyed to announce that Jax is finally off the streets!  Jax is an incredible survivor.  He went through three hurricanes, several severe cold weather, thunderstorm  and are extreme high temperatures.  

He is well know to the area by the Jail on John young Parkway. Jax become very accustomed to his life style on the streets. Begging for food from the customers at Racetrack. 

Every one who saw him just thought he escaped. We would have to educate to not chase him because he is in survival mode. You WONT get him he like Ghost or Comet.  Showing up and disappearing at the blink of an eye.   

Jax is HW+ 

Hook worm+

Parvo -❤️

Severally Anemic was 9 at Intake. 28 today.

He still currently under veterinarian care. 

Jax needs every thing a new puppy would need.  He has never been to the vet. 

Jax still has a long road of recovery ahead of him and will need continued support of the community but he wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Thank you so much for everything that you have done.  It’s amazing to see what this community is capable of.  I ask that you please consider donating to his recovery effort, every little bit will help.

For those of you not familiar with his story, Jax was adopted at 8 months on November 12, 2014, after the original owner passed away. On the drive home from being adopted, the puppy had an accident in the car. The family pulled over at a gas station off of I-4 to clean the from the car and the puppy.  It was then that Jax slipped his collar and took off running. His family thought that he could out run the puppy and chased after him.  Unfortunately Jax didn’t understand that the stranger chasing him was trying to help, scared, he disappeared under some fences.

The family reached out to the community via social media looking for help to find Jax.  It was then when Denise George and some others went to the gas station and helped post flyers and knock on doors to alert people about the puppy.  Unfortunately, nobody had seen him.  Denise George continued to go to the area and look for the puppy.  Finally in April 2015, Denise went back to the area and shared color photo of Jax.  That is when she got her 1st real tip he running around and taking a dip in the pond right off the I-4 exit at John Young Parkway.  The tips came pouring in after Denise and I sat out to wait for him.   Jax was known by the gas station frequenters and would beg food from them.  He would also eat cat food that was being left for a colony of feral cats in the area.  

It was at this time that Denise brought me “Stacey Ribeau” into the rescue effort for Jax. The circumstances to capture Jax were going to be difficult.  He was fearful of humans, had multiple food sources and would get water from a nearby retention pond.  The gas station refused to let any signs to be put up on their property so I camped out.  We were granted permission to put a trap up.   I spent multiple nights on the street waiting for Jax at the gas station trying to earn his trust.  I even recruited the homeless people to help me set-up a multiple traps for him.  After spending months trying to bait him into the trap, I realized my efforts were futile.  He was too cautious and would not go near the trap. He to many other food sources. 

I contacted a wildlife professional to help by the name of Tom Scotti . We determined that the next best method would be to use a net gun. Unfortunately, the net gun was loud, Jax ducked and the net went over his head.

Another rescuer by the name of Grace worked with Jax every evening to get him to eat through a snappy snare.  When Grace finally felt Jax was ready to be snared, I met with her to assist her in the capture.  The snare worked! It tightened around his neck and I was there with my catch pole. Jax started bucking in the snare and it snapped and he went running.  We were heartbroken.  We knew that there was no chance he would place his head through the snare loop again.

The wildlife professional, Tom had been working in the background to get resource to build a giant cage with a remote control door.  The cage had to be completely enclosed so that he could not dig out. We also had to find a property that would allow us to set-up the trap.  A forklift company across from the gas station agreed to help. I recruited the help of another rescuer named Gina.  Gina and her magnet dog Matilda worked with Jax to get him to follow her to the property where the trap was going to be set-up.  Every day she would guide him to where he needed to go.  Finally she would fill the trap with food in hopes that he would go in and eat.  After 6 months, it was determined that Jax would not go into the trap.

Denise George and I would continue to go out and put food out for Jax over the next couple of years with no idea of what to do next.  I then came across a different kind of snare called a collarum.  I recruited the help another wildlife professional by the name of Marcelo.  Marcelo ordered the collarum and became familiar with the device.  He found an area that Jax frequented and started setting up a feeding station.  After becoming confident in the location, the trap was set.  The snare worked! Gina and I ran over with the catch pole and realized that he was once again slipping out of the collar.  The snare was not set small enough for his neck size.  Over the next few weeks, we tried to feed him but he was too cautious.

I then decided to reach out to a vet to see if they would prescribe a sedative.  I had been hesitant to do so because of the traffic in the area.  I was afraid that the drugs would make him disoriented and he would go into the very busy roads nearby.  I had learned from Denise that a local worker in the area by the name of Gary had earned the trust of Jax. Gary was regulary feeding Jax.  We asked Gary if he would be comfortable feeding Jax food with the drugs.  Gary was happy to help.  So today, 8/18/18, we fed Jax the sedatives. Because Jax was in flight mode, it took about 3 hours of tracking him.  He is now safe at my veterinarian.  

I want to thank every one that helped this day come true.

Denise George 
Marcelo Gonzalez 
Kyle Sue Kramer 
Tom Scotti 
Grace and Friend
Gina Marie & Matilda 
Jennifer Mason
Jizeel Herezi Zamora
Nate Perez 
Chavanda Be
Tina Marie

I know there are so many more that stoped to try to Rescue Jax. Jax is so crafty and he eluded All capture, but that didn’t stop you from trying. With out your post on face book or on Lost and Found pet forum and your concern for JAX safety this could not have been done. We received calls and updates as more people contacted the team.   Thank you so much! 

It takes a village.  And every one of you were amazing. I can’t thank you enough for all your support, help and tips when he was living on the streets.  Now that he safe he needs a lot of vetting and we are in need of funding.  We are not a Rescue.  We are group of volunteers that help reunite Pets.  

Lastly and most important at this time..

I want to thank the wonderful staff at Underhill Animal Hospital for helping us and supporting us through Jax’s Journey to be captured. Jax is in the best care possible.  They say he is very sweet but timid.   But did ask for a petting 

Dr.Hill - Dr. Long - Dr Rymut -

All of you have been amazing!  
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