Jallah N. Tutu's Pharmacy Clinic

My name is Tim Moores, married for 33 years to Deanna Lynn , and we have raised 4 great kids in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    In February of 2005 God introduced us to Jallah N. Tutu Jr. who, at that time was 19 years old and residing as a Liberian refugee on the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, West Africa.  For the full story of how we met, our time together in Africa, with Jallah, as well as Mercy Sackrow and her brother Trokon, please visit our success story page on the Provision of Hope site.

     As a family, and within our small fellowship, we began to support Jallah’s living expenses there on the camp. In 2010 I had opportunity to visit Ghana and Liberia and was able to meet Jallah in person spending several days with him (watch the video of our meeting above which includes a walk-through showing the horrible living conditions of the camp ).

    At that time he expressed his deep desire to return to his home land of Liberia, get his high school diploma and go on to take nursing at a reputable college. In 2011 the door opened for him to do just that and, with the aid of Provision of Hope and the ongoing financial support and encouragement of our family and fellowship, Jallah successfully graduated the 3-year nursing course, at the top of his class, at the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences in Monrovia, Liberia.

    Jallah has now graduated from the (additional) 2-year BSc For Physician Assistant this past August (2016) with the highest GPA in the entire Polytechnic, graduating with the highest honor, Summa Cum Laude. He also received a special certificate for his outstanding leadership over the five years of schooling he received at Mother Patern College of Health Sciences, one of the finest colleges in Western Africa!

Special Thanks!

    A special thanks goes to Karen Barkman of Provision of Hope for her faithful support of Jallah throughout the last decade.  POV has graciously provided Jallah's tuition throughout his schooling at Mother Patern College.  Thank you so much Karen and POH!  Without your involvement, Jallah would not be where he is now.

Class President for all 5 Years

    Jallah has earned great respect from his fellow students and staff alike, was voted in as class president and has remained such throughout his time at Mother Patern College.

A Worthy Investment

     We are now endeavoring to raise funds in order for Jallah to establish his own pharmacy and clinic in his community of Old Barrolle Practice Ground in Monrovia. Many may wonder if this is a viable business opportunity in a country such as Liberia. It certainly is and there are other such pharmacies throughout Liberia. These small independent clinics are very effective in delivering medical supplies, medicines and basic treatments to local residents taking much pressure of the few hospitals, often overwhelmed hospitals in a city such Monrovia.

How Will The Money Be Used?

    Over 75% of the residents of M must seek medical attention in facilities a distance from their homes. Transportation is costly and many struggle to buy the needed drugs. Also, the drug stores often face limitations in the quantity  of essential drugs. Many times their stock of drugs run out, which only makes things more difficult for local patients.

    As a result, there is an urgent need to establish additional clinic/pharmacies within the community that will provide both consultation, treatment and over-the-counter medication to meet the demand of local residents.

General Objective

The general objective of this project is to:

·       Provide health services to the people of Old Barrolle Practice Ground Community and beyond.

Specific Objective

·       To establish a Pharmacy within Old Barrolle Practice Ground Community

·       Provide health consultation and basic treatment to the local residents

·       Provide over-the-counter sales of medicines


    The project cycle will be done in two phases: 1. Establishment, and 2. Implementation. The Establishment phase will require renting (or purchase of) a building, renovation, and the procurement of commodities. The second phase of the project is the Implementation phase which will include the provision of consultations to patients/customers and the sale of medicines.

Materials Needed

·       Building
·       Generator
·       Refrigerator
·       Drugs
·       Medical supplies
·       Non-medical/office supplies
·       Furniture

How Soon Do We Need The Funds?

    Jallah is already a licensed nurse and will graduate with his Bachelor’s degree in July of this year.  The project will be divided into 2 phases with the first beginning in August of this year.

Phase 1: The Establishment Phase – (3) months

Phase 2: The Implementation Phase – this phase is a sustainability phase, therefore, its life span is indefinite. The implementation phase (2) hopefully will begin by November of 2016.


    A portion of funds, (separate from the amount raised here), would be provided in the form of a microloan which Jallah would be required to pay back within a reasonable time frame.  This funding model has proven to be highly successful in situations such as this, and holds the recipient accountable and responsible to achieve success of their own project.

Why Would This Mean So Much To Us?

    We are so grateful for the opportunity to come along side Jallah Tutu who, over the last 11 years has made us so proud in diligently stewarding his time, gifts and talents. It has not been an easy time for Jallah as he has also suffered from bouts of Malaria and other bacterial infections, often times right in the middle of exam week. Through it all he has been wise and faithful in everything supplied to him in pursuit of bettering his situation toward becoming self-sufficient, no longer dependent on other’s to meet his needs. He has a huge heart for people and his country of Liberia and has a passion to be used of God to be a leader in his community.  It would mean so much to him, and to us, to see him become successful in his own business within the community where he lives, touching the lives of those closest to him.

How thankful will we be?

    We would love to be able to provide the funds for Jallah to build and launch his pharmacy clinic, but we simply do not have the financial wherewithal to do this project ourselves.  We would be immensely grateful if others would catch the vision and come on board with this marvelous opportunity to see this young man’s dream to become self-sufficient in his own business, serving others with the knowledge and training he has faithfully received, a reality.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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