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Indigi Golden Herbal Farm Land in Ghana

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Help us buy our academy land in Ayikuma Ghana!!! 

It has been a long time dream to steward land , we are not interested in the colonial or colonized way of owning property! But the authentic path to stewardship on the land provided by Great Spirit.  We have already paid $4,000 towards land in Ghana! My mentor in Ghana requested more Blacks in the diaspora to buy land in Africa as other people from foreign nations are buying a lot of land with no regard to the natives. Foreign investors are buying land all over the world and exploiting the people and land for their own greed and resources! Thus we have heard the call to return home! 

Our goal as an Academy led by BBIPOC (brown, black, indigenous, and people of color) is to teach workshops and steward land together as a community in the Mother land! 

We plan to pair up with the local Indigenous Ghanaians to support the local village to whom we will be live among and to return to our Afro Indigenous traditions.

We will Practice:

Food forestry
African Dark Earth Building
Ancestral rituals 
African Heirloom Seed Saving
Ceremonies held with or by the local Indigenous Ghanaians
& our Mentors from all over the world 

Our BBIPOC community needs to plant their feet in soil safely, lovingly, and with reverence for those who have come before and for those who will be born. IGHA Apprentices will be able to spend time on our land in Africa, learning from the Natives, decompressing in the Mother land, and reclaiming their Indigenity.

We are in a time where radical self healing is necessary and these changes and callings being heard by the BBIPOC community cannot be silenced. Indigenous Native peoples of this WORLD deserve their land back and for those who have been born on land and severed from their ancestral lands due to the Atlantic Slave Trade, Middle Passage , Trail of tears, and or immigration due to communism, fascism, terrorism, materialism, etc. we too deserve to steward “own” land so that way we may properly honor the spirits of the land who we live on and who we thrive on! 

We as Black folks deserve land in Africa just as the Native First Nation People deserve land here on Turtle Island.

This concept of receiving reparations via land is not intangible, this is very real for BBIPOC who do not have generational wealth and many of us who have just begun to receive and experience comforts over the last generation (or maybe two if you were blessed enough). My grandparents were not well off, they raised 10 children in a 3 bedroom 1 story house. We have worked hard but for pennies ... we have been kept down and below by the majority and have sadly never been able to raise enough to ensure the next generations abundance! White supremacy has created this situations where sharecrop holders of African lineage and descendants of enslaved peoples were bought out or run off of land. We once owned land, and now we own the least amount of land in the US. Our continent of Africa is being ripped apart by European nations, just plain evil and greedy. We are purposely being given the shorter end of the stick, so they can see our demise. Their plan was never to include us as equal citizens, so they do all they can to make life like hell for us. This stops here! There is abundance everywhere!!! No woman or man should have to beg for bread when the Earth provides all that we need. Abundance being fruits, herbs, vegetables, and self sustainability that ensure longevity and health as well as wellness for all. 

The Indigi Golden Herbal Academy is a non accredited herbal school and soon to be Non Profit that certifies apprentices upon completion of a year long herbal training program. This course includes passages and lectures from BBIPOC healers , naturopaths, and medicine holders. Our primary focus is decolonizing the medical field and herbalism! Reclaiming what was always our art of survival from the very beginning. We also include passages from alternative medical experts, and various healers from Indigenous nations of Africa and First Nations peoples of the Americas.

Our program encourages all folx who join to tune in deeper with their ancestral connections and dharmic path. Learning the uses of various herbal medicines, where they grow, and traditional uses of these medicines is the primary goal. Our plan is to pair our general herbal knowledge with the Indigenous Ghanaian people in the village we will live. Learning directly from the motherland and promoting our Indigenous/ traditional medicines over Western Medical rhetoric which oppresses our Indigenous knowledge. 

We are to learn from First Nations peoples on Turtle Island (Stolen land), and from African Indigenous people on African soil so we may respect our Indigenous lineages and the medicine carriers of those lineages. Paying into their communities and protecting their communities, the way it has always been. Their resources are at risk! The more awareness and connections we can make with respect, the more modern, westernized, and colonized people will understand the importance of protecting Indigenous traditions, heritages, lands, plants, animals, and most importantly the people. 

Our goal is to raise enough money to begin building out a traditional Earthen Structure in Ghana with the locals, having our students come and put their hands in the soil and build up on land that they are welcome to anytime! We will focus mainly on building connections with Africa once more, severing the harmful beliefs that White America has sowed into Africans in America regarding the Motherland. Having portrayed Africa as a savage land filled with disease and hunger, witchcraft, and devilish acts. We will sever this knowing how sacred our nation is! We will not leave our family in Africa behind as the west and modern world continues to thrive off of the death of small African villages and entire populations of Indigenous people!

WE are returning home! With your HELP! 

We are thankful for all those who have helped!!!!

Goddess Bless You !!! 



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