Recess to Destress at PS244Q, TALES

Carl Sagan said "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere." We're heading into a future that will go nowhere if we continue to place adult-like expectations on them. Help our kids lead us into the unknown by allowing them to use their imagination!

I believe there's something special about our school, the students who attend it, and the staff that make it an unbelievable environment to learn and work in.

We're a small early childhood school that believes firmly that a healthy and active body is essential for learning. Our school serves our students healthy and nutritious lunches and educate students on fitness and nutrition.

We also believe that a child's imagination should be encouraged. Walk around our school and students will show you where the Super heroes sleeps, the door to the chamber of secrets, hidden treasures, and the gate that leads to the dragons den.

The majority of our students come from families that immigrated to the United States to give their children the best opportunity to succeed. They value education very much and always want the best for their children and will work long hours to support their family. Our school is dedicated in providing the best learning environment for our students.

SO, who will you be helping and why?

Imagination. There's a word children have not heard in a long time. We're requesting an imagination playground block set for all of the students of our school to use during recess.

One of the biggest issues our students have is answering the question "What do you think?"

They freeze. Almost too hesitant to think what they actually think. They are afraid to be wrong. Using your imagination and thinking does not present a clear right or wrong answer. It's an unknown and they're afraid of it.

These modifiable block structures will allow the students of our school to think and tread in the unknown worlds of their imagination. They will learn that mistakes are meant to be made and they can learn from them!

They will take risks, learn what works and doesn't work. They will learn how to be a kid in an environment that embraces who they are, no matter what an assessment or score says. They will learn to use their imagination and use it to their advantage.

Your support will not improve a classroom. It will improve an entire school. It will allow an entire generation of kids learn to think and imagine. I strongly believe the imagination playground blocks will benefit the kids at our school greatly. The name itself says a lot. Imagination. It's something kids aren't encouraged to do anymore. They're treated as if they are adults, having so much pressure placed on them to pass tests and assessments. Help our kids be what they are, kids.

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