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Hello to all.  

Hannah Grace is four and a half years old and fighting cancer for the third time in her short life.  If you've seen her pictures and videos or met her in person, you already know what an amazing little girl she is, but here's some of her story so you can start to understand why we're here asking for help for our friends, Amy and Rob.

In February 2017, Hannah was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma.  She began a 42-week chemotherapy regimen and spent a week in Manhattan for radiation therapy.  The tumor responded well to this protocol!

Amy and Rob knew that there was a high chance of recurrence with this type of cancer; however, we were all still shocked when, in October 2018, after almost a year in remission, Hannah was diagnosed with a large mass in her uterus area.  She began a new chemotherapy regimen and in January 2019, she had a complete hysterectomy.  

In July 2019, we once again celebrated her beating cancer for a SECOND time and getting to ring that bell!   

Unfortunately, in January 2020, after a routine scan, the news came  that there was a small mass near Hannah's stomach.  When the surgeon went in to remove it, she found multiple spots throughout her abdomen that came back positive for rhabdomyosarcoma. 

Hannah is now battling cancer for the THIRD time in her short life and doctors are telling her family that she is most likely incurable at this point.  We are not ready or willing to give up and Hannah has begun a very aggressive chemotherapy regimen and faces a serious and big surgery in the near future.

During this time, Amy and Rob also welcomed Jacob into their family and watching Hannah and Jacob together is the sweetest thing you'll ever see.  The amount of love they have for each other as siblings is heartwarming and inspirational.  Jacob deserves to have his big sister by his side and Hannah deserves a cure.  

Obviously at this time, Amy is not working and Rob is missing a lot of work to be there for their little girl.  I know I can speak for them both by saying thank you to anyone able to donate to this very worthy cause.  

I'll end by saying this:  Did you know that only FOUR PERCENT of cancer funding goes to research for childhood cancer?  This is unacceptable.  Hannah deserves better.  Our kids deserve better. 



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