Hurricane Ian Recovery for The Harding’s

Hello, I am Craig Harding from Cincinnati and my parent’s (Ken and Sue) home, got hit by the eye of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers Beach last week. My mom and dad lived in this home year round and we were getting ready to set up their first grandchild nursery there. As you can imagine, we are all devastated. 

They were not at home during the storm and are ok but storm surges caused 4 feet of water to enter their home (the house is already 5 feet above ground). Almost everything they owned was flooded and is not repairable. They also may have no choice and could be forced to tear down the entire house by the local county and insurance isn’t looking promising. They are hoping for FEMA relief, but that still won’t be enough to recover everything they lost. 

Any donations to help provide relief in recovering their lost items, home, and displacement expenses would be greatly appreciated!

If you would prefer to use venmo or PayPal to avoid the fees Gofundme charges for each transaction I have provided my information below:

Venmo: Craig-Harding-1
Email for PayPal: craigharding13 at (my email is redacted if I use the @ sign)

Anything helps! Thank you!

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Craig Harding
Cincinnati, OH

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