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Here at Maple Ridge goat dairy this is our mantra!

When most people leave the land, we have stayed! My wife and I have stayed! We have 3 beautiful young kids who we are teaching the values of looking after animals, the land and of hard work!
We work hard and have an amazing farm!
We invest in the community! We have preschools, school classes and support classes, vets students from Sydney Uni come out visit and
learn about farming and goats, I also have high school students who come out once a week to work with and learn about animals as they dream of working with them in the future!

I share this with you to let you know that we are in the community! I want to share my passion of goats with people!

We are the largest goat dairy in NSW, we supply 3 cheese makers and one supermarket chain with fresh beautiful quality milk!

Hay is not available in NSW and expensive to buy and transport interstate, grain is getting expensive too! I am down to my last 1/2 bale of hay, to make it stretch I’m putting my goats in my neighbours bush! I’d be up a creek without a paddle if it wasn’t for them! Our hay shed is EMPTY 


The drought has hit us hard! We hand feed all our 400 goats! It’s
hard walking over to the dairy and not having feed!

We have applied to buy a bale and other organisations but they told us we are in a que, we don’t know where in the que, but we do know we
need hay and we need it now!

The goats may look all the same, but they are not! Every goat has a name and I can tell you her history and where she has come from or her
parents etc....

Goats are my passion! And providing high quality milk is my joy and pride! My girls have a huge well ventilated shed with outside access! They have mounds to run and play on outside!

I hand feed everything as my property cannot sustain the goats!

I chaff (chop the hay up to small peace) to make sure none too little is wasted!

Hay has become so expensive and scarse in NSW! I now have to look interstate! I need your help to insure the survival of our farm!

We are looking to raise $60000

Hay is currently $13000 for a load of large bales delivered! A far cry from $5000 that it used to be

We have a current gain bill of $15000 on our computer table

$60000 will allow us to buy 2 loads of hay, pay our current grain bills, buy more gain as we are running low and more in the future !

Your donation will insure our survival through the drought!

Every blade of hay is valuable to us! We don’t waste a stalk!

The girls are our life, we have poured everything into this and we want our kids to grow up around animals and with the option of taking over the farm if they wish! We thank all who have come around us! And if you choose to partner with us! Thank you from all of us at Maple Ridge Goat dairy

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Here is a post from our fb page so u can understand what a
day is like for us!

The end of another day, we are now one more day closer to rain!

It’s 7pm I rush over to a doe kidding at the dairy, my children have just got home and we are spending time as a family, but one of the does is kidding,

My family don’t complain when I have to rush off, they understand it’s kidding season! I’m so blessed with their understanding

When I get to her side, all I see is a swollen head sticking out! Not good she has been pushing for a while and this will not be easy!

A perfect birth is when the kid comes like superman, legs forward and head between them, with the legs back and the head coming 1st, this
makes a difficult birth as the shoulders get stuck in the passage

I gently feel for legs folded back inside but all I find a huge shoulders, the head moves a little! Good one little one hang on! Help is

I gently pull the head, Mum is restless and tired, tries to get up and move away from me, she gets 2steps before buckling under another

I finally get the huge kid out, lifeless....

I rub it’s chest hard and fast, lifeless....

swollen head and lifeless …

I suck back a deep breath cover the tiny mouth with my hand like a funnel and blow hard, intently watching the tiny chest, it goes up a
little. I rub hard and fast talking to the new kid to take a breath ... lifeless....

I touch its eye and it blinks, YOU’RE ALIVE! I have to work faster!

I suck a bigger breath back and blow hard inflate the tiny chest then rub hard and fast! I hear the faintest cry, I pause and listen and feel for breath. It was so faint! I work harder rubbing its chest! Finally I get the louder cry and I know that all will be well! Life.....

I give her to Mum! She licks her new kid!

I pause and look around, everything is bathed in pink. The sun is setting, this is my life, my passion! I love living on the land! I love my animals! Drought is so heart breaking!

Thank you for taking the time to read this ! If you choose to donate to us we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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