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Friends, Family, and Community,

There's an exciting vision that we are determined to bring to life, and we need your help. View all the info below or please visit our web-presentation to view a preview of the platform and the business plan.

Allow us to introduce you to VIBEUP, a groundbreaking project that began in 2014 not as a business, but as a group of individuals coming together around mindful activities like meditation, nature walks, yoga, fitness, and community. It grew into offering mindful festivals featuring global renown teachers, authors, and leaders in vast open spaces and venues, attracting tens of thousands of people. And into providing community wellness software and services for dozens of multi-family residential communities in 10 US and international markets.

Since the pandemic, we've had the chance to pause and prepare for what the vision has always been for... something even more remarkable, and much larger than us – a global platform that connects wellness seekers with wellness resources both locally, online, and around the world. After 25 years of being an entrepreneur, over the last couple years I've let go of the vision multiple times to make sure it's not my creating this... and the Universal Force continues to not only not let me let go of it, but strengthen the vision in mind mind, heart, and spirit - proving to me that this needs to be born, given a life, and carefully grown as a community-led development project. I've put hundreds of hours into the final pieces of the platform over the last couple months now, even teaching myself how to code... but I can't do it alone. And that's why I'm asking for your help.

VIBEUP is not just another social platform; it's a movement dedicated to improving well-being, inspiring connections, and nurturing our planet. Now more than ever, people need connection, access to proactive well-being practices and resources to heal, commune, connect, and grow as individuals, businesses, and communities. Where otherwise do you find them; Google, a referral, or an independent brand or businesses? LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook aren't focused on well-being, In fact, their goal is to keep you on their platforms for as long as possible consuming content, driven by profit. VIBEUP is driven by purpose - connecting people with resources that support well-being, and ultimately connecting off the platform.

Our journey so far has been a labor of love, where over the last year we've invested over $50,000 and poured more than 2,000 hours into designing and developing this platform over the last year. We've hit a wall with our personal resources and today, are humbly and hopefully reaching out to you for your support in helping take the next crucial step.

The platform is literally 99% complete and just 1-2 weeks of work away from entering phase 1, but the remaining 1% is a crucial piece (custom code, web-programming) that will enable and ensure a smooth user experience. We have searched wide and far and got connected with one of the world's leading software development companies (WiX), who has a lead developer eagering waiting to get to work on our clear plan to completion and launch.

How the Funds are Used:
  • Phase 1, Go-Live: Our immediate goal is to raise $6,000, which will be used 100% for custom technology development and minor legal fees, and initiate beta-testing with 40-100 friends & family users. All supporters will be invited to participate.
  • Phase 2, Pre-Launch: Will require another $5,000 for legal and trademark filings and minor marketing efforts. To help us protect the brand and develop a video-story that shares the mission, and begin digital marketing testing. We will also introduce 1,000+ personal contacts during phase 2 for further feedback on the platform.
  • Phase 3, Launch: Where the magic truly begins, with a full-scale marketing initiative, PR, strategic partnerships, affiliate strategies, events, and much more. Furthering the features on the platform as well as promotions to our existing database of 10k subscribers and over 20k social media followers.
  • After that, we will develop the full mobile app to enhance the user experience and tools available to users, as well as focus on growing the movement nationwide.

We've created a website presentation for you to learn much more about the vision, view the designs and even preview (a demo of) the platform in action. Please visit it here >

Ways to Support:
  • Donate: An in-kind donation, large or small. All supporters will receive a free membership for 1 year as well as an invitation to a special (virtual) mindful community workshop + meditation event in early 2024.
  • Loan: If you'd like to help but would like to be paid back, we have a 24-month payback guarantee + 20% interest loan option for amounts of $500 or more. You can make your loan here then contact me, or reach out for payment options to avoid fees.
  • Invest: If you're aligned with the mission and interested in joining us, we are actively seeking capital investments of $10k or more, as well as strategic partnerships. We have a thoughtful business plan and preview of the platform we'd love to show you.
  • Join & Share: Please feel free to subscribe for updates and share the project.

NOTE: Again, you can make your support here (then contact me), or via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, check, or direct deposit - please contact me with any questions or investment interests to schedule a time to meet.

Your support will help us bring VIBEUP to the world, and in return, you'll become an integral part of a revolution in wellness and connection. As a token of our appreciation, all backers will be invited to accept a FREE premium membership for 1 year, as well as be invited to a special (virtual) meditation mini-workshop + event experience in early 2024.

VIBEUP is set to be the LinkedIn + Airbnb + Craigslist + Facebook of wellness, all rolled into one. When you visit the preview you'll see just how close it is. Imagine a platform where you can easily find and connect with others who share your wellness interests, meet new like-minded friends, dating interests, find or promote a business, discover resources, events, courses, teachers, healers, causes, and communities – all with the ease of location-based + filterable search to easily connect with others near you, message, and much more. The platform will evolve to offer our own courses, retreats, festivals, and wellness products, and allow users to book, sell, and manage their own services.

We'll offer free membership so all citizens of the world have access to the resources and community. We will also offer premium Community+ and Business+ memberships for enhanced features, services, and member-benefits. On top of this the business model will offer coaching, courses, website development, sponsorship, and event products - with a history of doing all the above already in our repertoire. But VIBEUP is not just about commerce; it's a mission-driven venture. We recognize that we are now living in the Anthropocene era, where humans are the driving force behind planetary change. It's high time we become mindful drivers of change, promoting well-being for ourselves and the generations to come. VIBEUP is our answer to this call, bridging the gap between technology and mindfulness, between digital connection and real-world, off-line, nature-inspired experiences.

We firmly believe that this is more than just a project; it's a movement to create a world where wellness is at the core of our daily lives. It's an opportunity for us to lead the way in inspiring a more connected, mindful, and sustainable future. It's a chance to make a real difference, both in our lives and for the world at large. We'd love to effect thousands, and there's the potential to serve millions. We have the experience, team, and experienced advisors lined up to do so, as well as an existing email subscriber list of 10k, 20k social media followers, and 1,000s of personal contacts aligned to the mission.

So, please, consider supporting VIBEUP. Your contribution, no matter the size, will be instrumental in shaping the future of the company, and hopefully well-being and connection. Together, we can transform our lives, our communities, and our planet.

Join us on this incredible journey to redefine wellness and connection for the world. Be part of the VIBEUP movement and help us spread good vibes worldwide. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and your support.

With gratitude and good vibes,

Luke Jensen
Co-Founder with the Community, VIBEUP

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Give $20 and be a founding donor

Your donation is the start of VIBEUP's journey to success. Your early support inspires others to donate.

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