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Please note that Paul Dring (Hollie’s Dad) is acting as the campaign’s treasurer/beneficiary managing all campaign funds; all funds have have been split 50/50 between supporting Hollie’s healing journey and going towards much needed funding for further research into Breast Cancer. Our chosen charity is Cancer Research UK (1089464) with funds restricted to breast cancer research (minus Gofund admin fees).

Individually each of us has committed to running or walking 100k with the goal of raising funds which will go towards Breast Cancer research and support our inspiration, Hollie.

We began with a target of raising £1000; but the love, support, messages of hope that we’ve received has been overwhelming.  Hollie’s journey is in its infancy but with her ‘Dollies’ behind her everything is possible. We cannot even begin to tell you the impact this group is having on her; it’s giving her strength, a focus and it’s a constant reminder of how LOVED she is.

#100kforHollie #HolliesDollies #Checkyourbitsandbobs

Here’s Hollie’s story so far in her own words:

Little story to raise awareness.... (18th Feb 2021) 

4 weeks ago (22nd January 2021) I was led in bed with Theo and he was jumping around and being his amazing self.  He jumped towards me and I happened to grab my boobies.... but I noticed a lump in the left.   I called the doctor, saw them within half an hour and they were also concerned about this hard big lump.  The GP did an urgent two week referral to the breast clinic and I was seen last Monday.

The photo you see of me wearing a face mask was taken while waiting for the doctor to see me (8th February 2021).  I hoped it was possibly a blocked duct after having Theo only 16 months earlier....or something to do with my pill.  At the appointment I had a Mammogram, Ultrasound and biopsy.... the doctor was concerned.  2 hours later I was told the news nobody wants to hear, that they believed it was cancer (2-3cm).

On Monday 15th February I received the news of my biopsy.... it was definitely breast cancer.  A hormonal oestrogen tumour (HER2- ; ER+).

For 4 weeks now I've constantly had Theo on my mind.... I have been thinking the worst....what if I die and he can't remember me?! Many of you know, my Mum passed from secondary breast cancer so I'm bound to be scared.    It's rare people tell you of any positive cancer stories (if you know any... please tell me!!)

But..... I'm not ready to leave this earth yet. I want to be the best Mum I can to my boy, watch him grow up, one day make me a Grandma and see him marry! I want to see my friends and family and have a million parties and trips to the pub, holidays, general good times with everyone I love. 

On Monday I'm having an MRI to determine the exact size of this vile lump in my body.  Some positive news though ... my lymph nodes appeared clear on my biopsy so fingers crossed it's just a case of  surgery however I've been told chemo is also very likely. It is gonna be a tough few months, but I'll do whatever it takes to get better.

22nd Feb 2021 - I'm booked in for an MRI at RPH today to determine the size of my lump.  I'm not worried..... It's needed and hopefully smaller than they thought.  Or maybe they have it all wrong and it's not cancer?! Anyway I spent 30 minutes in the scanner with my boobies dangling (well not too much!) down a hole.  All fine.  Until I started to feel anxious like I couldn't breathe!! Such a noisy machine.  I continued to think of Theo and us going on a beach. The ladies doing the MRI were lovely and kept me updated through the headphones.  They told me when they were inserting a dye. Sounds crazy but I could smell it.... like metal!!! Was soon over and Dad picked me up. A little achy that evening from being stuck in a strange position but I expect nothing from what's to come.

23rd Feb - I had a virtual appointment (due to Covid) to discuss freezing my eggs.  I'm expecting it to be a no for two reasons: 1) I already have Theo and 2) I'm single.   I ran through my answers which the oncologist needed and BOOM...I was accepted!! Within an hour I received a call and I'm booked in tomorrow.  I'm going to drive to this one alone. I'll be fine.... it's only bloods, an ultrasound and sign consent forms.   I'm so happy to have this as an the future I'm not sure if I will want more children or if it'll be an option.  Chemo apparently ages your ovaries 10 years or can make you infertile.  Doing this will give me choice (should it all work). I think (from reading on groups) I may be on an oestrogen reducing medication for at least 5 years, in which case I'll be 40. And will another pregnancy make my cancer come back? I may meet someone who wants kids or who doesn't? So many unknowns.

24th Feb - In the morning I set of (and tried)to go to Manchester St Mary's I had put fuel in the courtesy car (mine was in for repair after crashing on ice 3 weeks ago) and got on the motorway.  It was raining and a busy 9.15am. But I started to tell myself my lungs weren't filling....Like I couldn't breathe.  Then tingles from my feet to my head. Theo just popped in my head and I had to pull over. I called my stepmum (T) who came to meet me at the next junction "This is why I didn't want you to go alone Hollie". Apparently it was an anxiety attack. And it's totally put me off driving on the motorway for a long time. Anyway we got there finally and after a few problems finding the correct department.  I had my bloods, an internal ultrasound (apparently my period will be from my right side this month.... interesting fact) and visit with the doctor to sign forms and then ran through everything with a nurse.  I've taken home a fridge full of drugs.  I'll inject myself twice each day in the stomach for 10 to 12 days which will boost the hormones in my body to create plenty eggs. But I'll take a tablet to lower the oestrogen so it doesn't affect my cancer.  MRI results this Thursday will determine when I start.  If I have chemo first I'll start Friday. If I have surgery first I'll wait until after the cancer has gone to lower the chances of making it grow.

25th Feb - Today has been like a waiting game for my results.  I called the breast nurse and left a voice message around lunch.  At 1.30ish I was called.  My tumour is bigger than they thought and is actuallt 4-4.5cm. There is also another close by which is 0.8cm.  Luckily no signs in my lymph nodes which is positive.  They're going to operate first and do a full mastectomy but I've still no date.  Also been told that due to it being close to my nipple they'll have to take quite a lot of skin so they can't perform a reconstruction. I'm heartbroken.  I feel undesirable and my confidence has been knocked.  As a girl we all love our hair and boobs (no matter how small) and mine is being taken.  Who will want me know? What will I even wear? I'm so happy the cancer is being taken away first but also so sad thinking how I'm going to look.  They say they'll probably offer radiotherapy and chemo because I'm young and they will want to do all they can to prevent reoccurrence.

26th Feb - Clearer, less emotional head today and spoken to my breast nurse.  I totally misunderstood yesterday.  I WILL be offered reconstruction after any potential therapies and after covid.  Damn covid!!! Feel much better.  Who knows, may have had my clinical psychology inbetween and be given go-ahead to have the other boob off too and get two new ones!!! I'm hoping I'll have my genetics appointment through soon to see if it's in the family or if it's just been a case of bad luck for me, Mum and my gorgeous cousin (who had another clear mammogram result this week!!!).   I've been given my mastectomy date of 19th March (day after my birthday).  Egg preservation will be done after surgery and before any potential therapy. I'm being called on 23rd March advising when I'll start (usually a Friday apparently).

So my message..... CHECK YOUR BOOBS. This also applies to can get breast cancer too!! I do check my boobs often given my family I'm hoping I've caught it early.  If you're unsure about anything, get seen by your GP.

Thanks to everyone who's there for me & Theo 






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