Hidde come Home

The great new is; Hidde has been found.

The costs involved in the search for him were above €1000,-
(flyers, gas, reward for firefighters, gps-tracker + subscription, recovery foods, vet-bills, etc).

In total €1280 was donated for Hidde's search & rescue by the time Hidde was rescued. So €280,-
remained for the animal charity of our choice: Pat's Rescue Retreat, the shelter who does só much for abused and abandoned dogs in Spain. We want to try raise this amount, so we can give Pat (the woman who is running this doggy shelter all on her own) more €'s. We want to give it to her for Christmas. 

So every donation counts for this woman and all the dogs she cares for. Thank you só much!

Hidde, the most famous red male of Terschelling is missing since 5 October!

We want crowdfunding for a big reward of €500,- for the finder of Hidde and the costs involved with finding Hidde, such as printing and distributing flyers, gas, adds and so on. When there is more funding, it will be donated eventually to a good animal charity.

Famous and sweetest male Hidde van Terschelling without a trace

Hidde didn't come home after Saturday afternoon October 5th. From all over the world, but especially on Terschelling and in the Netherlands, Hidde's return home or find is awaited in suspense. Hidde has a growing popular Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/hidde_terschelling/.

Because of this, he has 'fans' all over the world, who follow all his adventures and who are now all excited about his loss and are compassionate every day.

Meowmy Frouck is very worried and sad.


Frouck regularly travels the country with Hidde and dog Jojo. Hidde is a regular traveller on the ferry of shipping company Doeksen, he sails along like a true sailor. But also traveling by train is very interesting for Hidde. He has surprised many a train passenger and conductor with his calm charm offensive.

Hidde has traveled half of the Netherlands with only 5 years of age and all his national and international followers enjoy this. When Hidde is visiting new cities, Frouck not only walks with the dog, but also with Hidde in the new surroundings. And Hidde finds everything fun and interesting. He could easily be a brother of 'Bob the Streetcat'.

Frouck, who is now sick of anxiety and does nothing more than searching for Hidde, has been flooded for days with worried messages and help offers  from home and abroad. Frouck receives messages from the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands and even from Moscow, Spain and Scandinavia they are sending messages and keeping an eye on Hidde's updates.


Hidde has fans. Tourists, who are also Hidde followers and are on holiday on the island of Terschelling, even throw cards or presents in Hidde's mailbox or want to meet him when they are on the island. He is becoming a kind of a mini star.

Hidde 'fans' want to help en masse now, but don't know how. The islanders themselves, including many of the guests present on the island, are also watching and searching fanatically.

But so far Hidde hasn't been tracked down. Frouck is desperate and very worried. Hidde is her 'everything' and their bond is strong. Hidde is also best buddies with his big 'doggy-bro' Jojo, who also misses him.


Hidde normally makes himself well known, also with his voice. He is never easily scared and on top of that he is very social. It's strange that his owner, who has been looking for and calling him in many places on the island, doesn't hear or see him anywhere. And neither do the islanders. Lots of other red cats, but no trace of Hidde yet.

But cats in stress, react differently than they would normally do... that makes the search more difficult.

Hidde is not voluntarily 'gone'.

No, Hidde is not on a female hunt, nor has he ever been troubled by temporary journeys of several days that many cats sometimes 'suffer' from. Certainly, Hidde is a mouse hunter, an explorer and a charmer. But he'd rather just be at home and wants to cuddle all day. Frouck knows Hidde through and through, and she just knows that something is not right. Hidde is too attached to his own home and family to be able to voluntarily remain undetected for so long.

The suspicion is that Hidde has wandered of far too far because of fear or something else and therefore no longer knows how to get home. If you start walking as a tough ginger badass, you will of course make kilometres. And if you are unlucky, you get further and further away from home. And then Terschelling is big!

It is useful to act quickly on a larger scale. Frouck can do this alone and does not have the financial means to use all kinds of other options. On Facebook, Hidde's missing has been shared about 400 times in total. Hidde already appeared in the Dutch national news overview at RTL and Hart van Nederland. Even on the ferries to the island, Hidde's face is on the tv screens.

Terschelling is big

The island is too big to search alone and to make flyers with a just a normal printer. Many attentive eyes and ears are needed. And because Terschelling is now busy with autumn vacationers, it is important that many people know about Hidde's disappearance. Moreover, it will be winter and more difficult for Hidde to survive.

Hidde fans have urged Frouck to set up a crowdfund action. This to give the attentive finder a good reward.

Hidde and Bladder grit

If someone already has Hidde in his/her care; Hidde should not be on 'normal' cat food for too long. Last summer he was rushed to a clogged urethra by bladder grit. He gets special food for this. A blocked urethra is deadly.

The goal of the crowdfunding is:

€500 reward for the finder of Hidde and
€250, for the costs of flyers, advertisements, gas (Frouck has to drive a lot in search of Hidde) and other costs, like possible veterinary costs, if Hidde needs it when he is found.

If more than €500 is donated, the remaining amount will be donated to one or two good animal charities which we will determine.

If Hidde comes home of his own accord or if he turns out to be deceased, the whole amount minus the costs will go to one or two good animal charities to be determined.

Hidde's missing link: https://www.amivedi.nl/detail/?meldingid=1523879

Pawsies! We love you. Thank you very much for your support,

Hidde, Jojo & Frouck



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Frouck Jansen
Midsland, NL

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