Melody's Mom Sylvia beat Cancer

Help my Mom, Sylvia Mason, beat lung cancer and live to enjoy her Grandkids!
About 1 month ago, our world turned upside down as we found out that my mom, Sylvia Mason, had all the symptoms of lung cancer, including a 10mm nodule in her lungs. Now tests have confirmed that she does indeed have cancer, although more testing is needed to know what stage or if there is metastasis involved. Of course, mom has always lived super carefully and never smoked. This lung cancer is probably a result of toxic mothball poisoning that she experienced in the workplace, about 5 years ago, and also from living in a house with black mold issues as they never had central AC. I've moved mom out of their house (which needs the downstairs remodeled and cleaned up from mold), and have her at my house where she is breathing much better.

We believe that it’s because my mom has lived so healthfully all these years that the cancer is just NOW rearing it’s ugly head…but we feel that if she is going to beat this cancer, more aggressive natural treatment is needed beyond the healthy life style she’s embraced all these years.

Mom has been anointed, and we believe she will be healed—although we don’t know the timing of God’s healing. For now we will keep doing our part. Thankfully, God is greater than any diagnosis, and He has a thousand ways to work of which we know nothing!
So what are the options?
Pray, and then move forward in faith, doing the best we can with what God gives us.

My parents have no medical insurance so conventional medicine is not an option for my mom. However, since mom is extremely sensitive to most meds, and all chemicals (she was sick for months just recovering from the novocaine used at the dentist, and that's just one example), I don’t believe that she could handle surgery. And as for chemo/radiation - they would absolutely kill her! We really don’t believe conventional medicine is the answer. But we feel there is hope if we fight this quickly through more aggressive natural methods.

Hope4Cancer Mexico!
After praying for clarity and wisdom, we believe that God is directing us to send mom to Hope4Cancer Institute, which is a world-renowned Alternative Cancer Clinic operating out of Mexico. Hope4Cancer has treated many cancer cases successfully and we’ve had top recommendations for this specific center from multiple trusted sources. Ty Bollinger, author of the popular book "The Truth about Cancer," has travelled the world over and collected the best natural cancer therapies used in other countries. These therapies are being implemented at Hope4Cancer. Mom also has a friend who has been to Hope4Cancer and been helped.

Hope4Cancer treats holistically through optimizing the immune system, full spectrum nutrition, detoxification, oxygenation, eliminating microbes, and non-toxic cancer therapies which include: Rigvir Virotherapy, AARSOTA Bioimmunotherapy, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, LED Light Therapy, Abbalight Therapy, Near Infrared Lamp Therapy, Vitamin C IV Therapy, PolyMVA IV Therapy, Vitamin B-17 IV Therapy, Nutritional IV Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Heat Therapies, and much much more. In fact, mom has had struggles with “irritable bowel syndrome” for years, and the cancer clinic told us that many patients find their IBS issues go away as well with the aggressive cancer therapies…so this has given us great courage and hope that mom could experience healing on multiple levels.

Please visit: to learn more!

How can you help?
Number 1: Please pray for us that God make our path clear and that we have wisdom for the complex issues we are currently facing. Then we ask for strength and grace to travel the path He leads us on. Whatever happens, we just want God to be glorified thru this journey!

Number 2: The 3-week intensive Hope4Cancer treatment program (which includes 1 year of follow-up therapies) will cost close to $45K, but we feel if we can raise $30-35K this would make it possible for us to move forward this direction.

NOTE DONATIONS and FUNDRAISING: We started fundraising with another service and raised $18K on the first site, but decided to switch to GoFundMe, as the other service takes 3 weeks to dispense funds . GoFundMe will transfer funds right away. We only lack $11,400, so that's why we have a lower goal here -- although the total goal is still $35K. If you want to send via another method, just email us.
Now that we know mom’s diagnoses, we are actually up against the clock in a race for time to save her life as her breathing (and multiple symptoms) have been worsening significantly the last month. Whatever we do needs to happen quickly… (I am praying that we can have mom on her way to Hope4Cancer within a week or two!)

I recognize that most of us are struggling financially making ends meet already, and raising this much funding quickly will be nothing short of a miracle—so that’s what I’m praying for—a MIRACLE if God wants us to go this direction!

So I am asking in faith, for people to pray about this need and give what they are able, as every little bit will make a difference in deciding the treatment options we can pursue.

(NOTE: My mom wants to make sure that no one feels obligated to give, as God is going to have to provide if we are to pursue this treatment plan. And ultimately we know her healing lies in God's hands, not in man’s. So we will pray in faith and do the best with what we have. If we don’t reach our financial goal to send mom to Hope4Cancer, we will take what is given and use it to the best of our ability for other treatment options. If we go over our goal, any extra funds will be used toward remodeling and cleaning up my parent's house from mold so it's a safer breathing environment.) 

A Little About My Mom for those who don't know her! 
Of course I know that I am biased, but I think I have the most amazing mother in the world! Her love for the Lord, her strong courageous faith, and her courage and cheerfulness even in the face of difficulties and suffering has inspired me for years. But one of the things that has inspired me the most is mom's generous giving heart. She's constantly giving to others, whether it's a ministry that she believes in, or someone who has a need. SHE LOVES PEOPLE!! SHE LOVES LOVING PEOPLE, especially young people! For three years, mom and dad took in a single mom with 7 children and treated them as their own kids. Currently we have adopted another single mom with children who have been living with us for the past two years. Whenever mom sees a need, she tries to fill it. She has a big heart! I am inspired to be more generous in my own life because of my mom, and I'm thankful that we NOW have the opportunity to give back a little of the love that she's given all of us. And if you don't know my mom, thanks for loving her on my behalf...

Whether you support through your prayers, or financially... I just want to say THANKS in advance! 

From the very beginning, God has given us all great peace and strength, and we are praying He will be glorified no matter the outcome. Mom is full of faith and joyful about facing the future—whether that is going to sleep to meet Jesus, or experiencing healing to be able to enjoy years more life so she can do ministry more effectively and love her grandkids. Obviously, we are hoping for the latter, but we will accept God’s will.

Thanks for caring and being a part of our lives! We love you all! 

With thanks,
Melody Mason & family

Mason Family Updates in a Nutshell!
Dad (David) continues to keep the farm running and machinery/vehicles working, and loves ministering to needs in the community and helping with men's Bible study. Dad and mom have been married 45 years and are still very much "in love." ;-)

I (Melody) continue to do full time prayer/revival ministry and am working on writing book #2.

Homer and Lydia just had their first baby (mom's first grandchild) in January! 

Daniel and Hannah are expecting their first baby this September!

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