Helping Mom After The House Fire

Friday my mom called me and told me that her building was on fire. I rushed over to a very surreal image of the building being engulfed in flames, the roof collapsing. water everywhere firemen everywhere. 

It’s very hard to stand there and watch your mom break down as she literally witnesses herself losing everything. They were given for single blowup mattresses and a pillow a piece by the Salvation Army, a few articles of clothing, and the Red Cross provided them with a hotel room until they were able to have a new unit painted and ready for them to move into.

They did a walk-through yesterday and the majority of the items are unsalvageable. There were a few things in a specific closet that were hanging that were able to be saved, the TV in the living room seems to amazingly work, and their washer and dryer made it through.

With the help of my amazing friends and my amazing six-year-old daughter we were able to donate emergency items such as clothing, socks, shoes, underwear, a couple of meals, dishes, pots and pans, a queen size air mattress, bedding, extra sheets, blankets, towels, wash rags, hand towels, cleaning supplies, basic toiletry items, basic hygiene items, basic kitchen items, bags of dog food, bags of cat food, and even bowls for the furbabies to eat out of.

 Audrey and myself went and spoke with a gentleman who manages an outlet furniture store. He agreed that if I was able to raise a bulk amount of cash that he would discount me on certain items and we could swing a deal on filling their house back up with furniture.  They got transferred to a new upgraded apartment, luckily. However, all they have is air mattresses, blankets and pillows as far as furniture is concerned.

I’d like to try and raise enough money so that they can be comfortable while they try to rebuild their home, their life, after such an unexpected tragedy. So many items were lost that had sentimental value and that is irreplaceable. But, I’d like to try and raise enough money for them to have a couch to sit on, to have beds to sleep on, to you have a table to eat at, to have a few cabinets or end tables or coffee tables where they can sit/store items as they receive them, things of that nature. I’d like to be able to stock their kitchen and stock their bathrooms and make sure that their clothes can be cleaned and organized.

Roger and Ashley work very hard. My baby brother, Dakota, is disabled and the situation is exceptionally difficult for him. He has a nurse that takes care of him during the week & I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to work this week.

My mother, Lisa, on top of being the piece that holds them all together, one of the most popular little ladies that you could know (she gets that from my grandmother), she also recently got an amazing promotion at work and is most definitely needed there, I’m sure. (She called me crying bc her boss has been very sweet, understanding and patient with the fact that she’s going through a traumatic situation.)  

 In fact, she looks at me with tears in her eyes, with every donation, every time I take over items that you all have given me to give to her. She is genuinely appreciate of everything and thanks each and everyone of you. 

Also, I’d like to say I’m so proud of her for staying so gracious during all of this.

And I am super proud of my six-year-old daughter Audrey for stepping up to the plate and helping organize and helping pick things up bc “she doesn’t like seeing her Nana sad.” I told her she would definitely be class president one day.

If you are able to donate, please please do. If I had my tax return, their house would be full already. Y’all already know that. Timing was not on our side there. 

If you are unable to donate monetarily and have other suggestions feel free to contact me.

At this point something as simple as a  dropping off  home cooked meals and bottled waters for a family of four relieves a few hours of stress. 

Thank you so much for everything, everyone! Like I always tell people when I’m assisting them in need, I literally have the best, most kick ass friends a ginger could ever ask for.

Super good vibes to all of you.


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