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Help support Amy's cancer journey

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**** This is an update by Amy, from the original post by Angela****

Cancer-- the gift that keeps on giving. Friends, I have been through a whole lot in the last 2 years (coming up in April) since my stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis. I had 4 surgeries followed by 5 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation. I am now through with the "active" treatment portion.  I am now facing the goal of reaching 5 years out to be "NED", aka, no evidence of disease, taking medicine that will prayerfully keep me from having a re-occurrence anywhere else in my body. I am scheduled for my first set of scans "post" everything coming up in April. 

Cancer has not just affected me physically;  (hair loss, energy, joint pain, hot flashes, no breasts!) but emotionally. That is a daily battle, that I do choose to conquer with my faith and positivity. I have bad days!  This crap is stressful.  Sure, any of us could die today, tomorrow- anytime. But when the little cancer guy whispers in your ear, reminding you that maybe you won't get to do "you", and be around for the joys in life your kids have ahead of them, or that you're this undesirable person anymore, well, it sucks. The pressure of cancer diagnosis, the unknowns are enough in itself. Add going through a divorce in the midst of it all, and just managing day to day life...well, ugh.  

The generosity we received has been amazing.  THANK YOU to everyone who donated here, brought us meals, sent cards, texts, phone calls.  The rally effort by dear friends that enabled my story on CBS46, and the TRUE blessings that provided my family!! 

We were truly honored to have been chosen as a recipient family with Little Pink Houses of Hope for a family retreat vacation in Blueridge, GA in June of 2019. It was a glorious week, that took us away from the stresses of all that we have been dealing with. To be able to spend an entire week, doing fun things, never having to cook a meal, staying  in a gorgeous home, well, it was a dream come true. (www.littlepink.org )

In September I found out that the kids and I were being forced to move from our house.  I had to take unpaid leave to find our new place and for us to move. So, between the 3 of our wacky work schedules, we managed to move the week of Thanksgiving into December. 14 years, quite a downsizing, more physically and emotionally exhausting than I ever anticipated, but WE did it. 

I'm still playing catch up, and still have residual hospital bills from everything (get in line, lol). The initial campaign goal here is about 75% met; it would help out so very much if that could be 100%!!!  Honestly, this is so awkward in asking for help. If cancer has taught me anything, you can't continue holding "it" in. To be healthy in mind-body-spirit takes a lot of courage, humility and vulnerability.  What do I have to lose?  I could go on about feelings of utter personal inadequacy and all the unmet expectations, but that is what therapy is for ;) 

Your continued prayers are first and foremost for me and my family. Anything else is a blessed bonus. Thank you for the love, good vibes and best intentions.   <3

Jeremiah 29:11 


Help Amy in her fight against cancer. A few weeks ago Amy got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The photo shows her with her surgeon right before her first surgery 2 weeks ago.  Amy is a mother of three and a life long friend. In addition to the stress, pressure and hardship the upcoming months of surgery, chemo and radiation treatments will bring, the many looming medical bills will add much unneeded anxiety. She needs a second surgery followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation.
   Amy will be unable to work while she has to focus on her treatment.
Please join us in relieving that part of the battle.
Her teenage children will set things aside and work hard to earn money to help with regular bills such as mortgage, food and utilities but this will not even begin to cover the many co -payments for many months of expensive treatment. Every little bit will help them tremendously! Thank you for your prayers and support!


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Amy Carter
Conyers, GA

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