Help Tom Leone Beat Cancer

The Story Has Changed.

We are sad to say we need your help, even more, today than when we started this page for Tom. 

Tom's wife, Diane, posted this update on 6/24/2020:

Hello everyone. I haven't used this platform in a very long time to update you on Tom but today is the appropriate day to reach out to you all and update you. Today is June 24, 2020. I have it marked on our kitchen calendar as a celebration day-our 1 year anniversary of Tom being "all clear" of cancer was gone (we had suspected it was gone as early as last April). However, Tom's treatment facilities had to close due to COVID-19 in March and Tom had just begun having a symptom that we decided to have checked out at the end of April. The MRI showed issues so Tom had his first PET Scan. I'm sure you can imagine how shocked we were to find that, although Tom's bladder is still clear, cancer has returned in his pelvic area including several lymph nodes. It took time to get past the shock, the anger, the fear and to develop a plan of action. This round is different, he has tumors and pain. We first had to understand and develop a plan to deal with the pain so his body can focus 100% on dealing with cancer. Tom is continuing his supplements at 100% capacity, his organic, alkaline diet, and we have added 25grams of IV Vitamin C once a week and he has been able to start back on oxygen treatments and will do them 3 times a week. We had to figure this out and mentally and emotionally decide what to do and go all in. We will continue with holistic treatments. We appreciate all of you so much. We didn't expect round two, but it's what we got so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as it means so much to us. Thank you for caring and helping us. Diane and Tom (Here is Tom with the owner of Blue 32, Drayton Florence, where he gets his Oxygen treatments.)

Diane is in touch with several holistic cancer treatment centers, trying to find the best match for Tom. He is in constant pain and his last MRI (first week of July 2020) shows the cancer has grown. 

These clinics perform all of the treatments Tom has been doing plus so many more that are not available where Tom lives. He needs these treatments to live. He is weak, tired, and in pain. 

These clinics are not covered by any insurance and you can't even submit a bill for out of network consideration to Medicare for them and they are very expensive. They cost thousands of dollars and require traveling to and living in whatever location they are for several weeks of treatment. Some include housing, some do not. All include food, and none include transportation.  We are searching for options but we need your help.  


Original Story.
Tom & Diane Leone are our dear friends.  Tom started seeing blood in his urine early this year. After a visit to the Urologist, it was recommended that he have a surgical procedure to remove tumors and perform a biopsy.  He and Diane were told he has high-grade stage T1 bladder cancer, and the doctor commenced chemo treatment inside the bladder the beginning of July.  Bladder Cancer is one of the top 12 most aggressive Cancers.

Tom has Medicare and believed he had supplemental insurance.  However, they quickly found out that he does not have supplemental insurance, so they are responsible at a minimum for 20% all the way to 100% of all treatments. Even with Medicare, these expenses will be huge.  They've been advised to approach his care with both medical (traditional) and natural treatments, which are designed to strengthen his immune system and help his body get rid of the cancer cells.  However, natural treatments are not covered at all by insurance and are very expensive.

Although they are both crushed at this diagnosis, they are both positive about the treatments both traditional along with a natural treatment protocol.  This is the first time Tom has ever been in a hospital, had surgery, and he takes no medications for any conditions.  However, this bladder cancer is so aggressive that both the treatments along with the healthcare costs are overwhelming for him. Despite this, Tom is positive and focused on getting rid of this cancer.

Tom has never met a stranger. Everyone loves him.  His laugh is contagious. They just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in February.   From the moment I met them in 1993, I knew that Tom was the love of Diane's life, her true north, and her best friend. Over the years we have watched them weather many storms, most recently (this week) Tom's beloved father Al passed away.  After the murder of his son, the loss of his brother and Diane's mother to cancer this just seems unbearable. 

Tom and Diane have had the best times together, that includes spending many afternoons at the beach, downtown, getting together with family and friends, and simply sitting on their front porch in the early evening listening to music and saying hi to neighbors who walk by.

Tom is retired and Diane has her own business.  I am a client of Diane's and Diane has been instrumental in my charitable endeavors for the past 25 years.   Diane shared with me recently that she lost her largest monthly retainer client on July 31st so income is very, very limited.  

Tom's MRI and bloodwork came back clear. We are cautiously optimistic that he is healed. It's hard work but the work is not done.

It will take a significant amount of money to get all the treatment needed to save Tom’s life and keep him healthy through the end of the year and they have to do all of the recommended treatment.  Any amount you give is appreciated more than I can say. 

Tom is very humble and I almost had to arm wrestle him to get him to agree to this.   We are willing to work hard and to make this ask of you Tom's family and friends because we all love Tom and we will do anything to help him in his fight with this awful cancer.

This type of cancer is aggressive and it can spread quickly, so Tom's treatment has begun, the bills are arriving but they just couldn't take the risk of waiting one more day.

Any donation however small will be used to pay bills, pay for treatment, doctor's appointments and the food and supplements that must be organic in nature.

In addition to donations to pay for the above,  Tom needs Oxygen Hyperbaric Therapy.

If you are not familiar with it, here is a description of the treatments from Mayo, "Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube. In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the air pressure is increased to three times higher than normal air pressure. Under these conditions, your lungs can gather more oxygen than would be possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure. Your blood carries this oxygen throughout your body. This helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing."

Here are the items and treatments on Tom's treatment protocol. Sometimes a bottle of an herb is what we need, sometimes it's a treatment as often as we can afford for him to have it. 

The herbs-Per month

These we get from Mederi Foundation in Ashland Oregon, the foundation/wellness center that has created Tom's treatment protocol. All can be found on AmazonPrime but still cost $1-$3 more per bottle. There are two items that will be at the end of this list that are mixed especially for Tom at Mederi so they can only be purchased through Mederi.

-Botanical Treasures - Natura Health Products, Inc. - 180 caps - 2 bottles a month $ 58.95 X 2 = $117.90
-ImmuCare II - Natura Health Products, Inc - 180 caps - 1 bottle a month $54.95 x 1 =                          $54.95
-InflamAway - Natura Health Products, Inc -- 90 caps - 2 bottles a month $51.95 x 2 =                       $103.90     -Zinc - Natura Health Products, Inc - 60 caps - 2 bottles a month $15.95 x 2 =                                            $31.90
-Cell Guardian - Natura Health Products, Inc - 90 caps - 2 bottles a month $57.95 x 2 =                     $115.90
-Quercitin Plus - Natura Health Products, Inc - 90 caps - 2 bottles a month $22.50 x 2 =                       $67.90
-Kava - Natura Health Products, Inc - 60 caps - 1 bottle per month $22.50 =                                                 $22.50
-Beyond Whey Powder - Natura Health Products, Inc - per month $56.95 =                                                 $56.95
-Nutri-One Greens powder - Natura Health Products, Inc - 2 bags per month - $52.95 x 2 =            $105.90
-Mushroom Reishi powder - mixed at Mederi  - 2 bottles per month - $12.20 x 2 =                                    $36.60
-Demulcent Tea - mixed at Mederi - 2 bags per month - $10.49 x 2 =                                                                   $20.98

                                                                                                                                                                            sub-total avg/mo     $735.38

We buy all of our food, everything, mostly fruit and vegetables but also small amounts of meat and dairy, at Wholefoods and all is organic, for meat, also grass-fed and free range. It averages $200-$300 per week and as you can imagine, we work hard to not let any of it go to waste. A lot of time is spent on cleaning and storing the food appropriately and preparing meals that include foods on Tom's treatment protocol.

$1200.0 per month on Whole Foods.

Each supplement is given to Tom for a specific reason, it's good at fighting bladder cancer cells,
it gets rid of inflammation, it supports the immune system.

Tom started drinking Essiac Tea from the day after his surgery and he still drinks one ounce
mixed with 2 ounces of water before bed. It's known in the Functional Medicine world as a
strong anti-cancer tea.

Oxygen Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

Why it's done
Cancer cells thrive in a low or non-oxygen environment so, by increasing oxygen in a massive way in Tom's blood and tissue, it gives his immune system help in eliminating these mutated cells. 

These treatments are not inexpensive however, it purchased in series, the price per treatment is less. If you or someone you know would be interested in purchasing some of these treatments for Tom, please contact me or you can contact Drayton Florence, the owner of Blue32Jax @ 904-672-6670  ( to discuss a gift card for Tom. Any donation is much appreciated to help Tom.   

They offer 30-minute "series" in each, for example, it's $50 for a 30-minute treatment, however, you can buy the following:
30 minute
Series of 3 =    $120
Series of 5 =    $200
Series of 10 = $400

Currently, they are offering special monthly membership packages:

Single Member Plan - $129.00/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen
Initial Payment Made Now:$129.00
Recurring Payment:$129.00
Any 4 treatments per month after 4 treatments have been used apply membership discount of 20% to any additional services purchased. This includes * 30min hyperbaric treatment


Single Member Unlimited Plan - $325.00/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - cannot be frozen

These treatments are extremely helpful.

Tom gets Cryo-Therapy and Far-Infrared Sauna treatments once every other week at

Why Tom gets these treatments

He does the Cryo first and then the Sauna.

Cryo full body therapy:

"Upon sensing the cool air inside the cryo-chamber, your skin sends signals via cold sensory nerves through your central nervous system to your brain, stimulating regulatory actions that effectively activate healing resources that are naturally produced throughout your body. As a protective mechanism, blood rushes from your skin, muscles and connective tissue to your core in an effort to protect our internal organs. Here the blood gathers healing proteins and enzymes that are ready to go to work on anything that may have been harmed by this new stressor, the COLD. You guessed it – we’re tricking our bodies a little bit – but our intentions are good! Once out of the cryo-chamber, your body immediately reheats and this nutrient-dense blood is pumped back out through your extremities, attempting to heal everything in its path. This is where the endorphins kick in.

 As the body’s survival resources are mobilized, blood floods the body’s core where it becomes enriched with oxygen and other vital nutrients. This is a critical component of the process as enriched blood will then rush back to the extremities during the post-treatment warmup. When clients step out into the normal air, all peripheral tissues expand. That rush of fresh blood throughout the body contributes to the efficient elimination of dead cells from the vital organs and lymph system. This process also provides a feeling of euphoria popular among users. The benefits of circulating oxygen-enriched blood are so great, studies even suggest that several successive treatments could lead to an increase in hemoglobin count.  

Currently, we pay $99.00 per month and Tom gets both treatments back to back once every other week. We would like him to be getting them at least once a week. Discounts may be available because when we purchased the "package" it's a minimum of three months and if you buy additional treatments, there is a discount. Lynne is the manager and they all love to see Tom come in for his weekly treatment.  

For an additional $99 a month, or less, Tom could get this double treatment weekly.

Vitamin C - High Dose IV Therapy

Why Tom needs to do it:
Vitamin C − a nutrient found primarily in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges is proving to be a major breakthrough therapy in the eradication of cancer.

Linus Pauling found that vitamin C helped cancer patients live about four times longer than cancer patients not given vitamin C.

Both animal and human studies have shown that intravenous vitamin C therapy can help block tumor growth and improve patient quality of life.
We are researching high dose IV Vitamin C therapy but do not yet have a price and must find a practitioner that understands how to gauge this treatment as too much can make you not feel well.

Currently, our estimated payout for what is listed above is around $2, 165.00 however, that does not include Dr. calls and appointments, lab work, tests that sometimes are not covered at all by insurance and if covered, we pay the 20%. We are paying off the bills for Tom's surgery, about 6 different bills a month.

Here's to Tom "Beating This Cancer" with all of our help!


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