Help the healing of Kiernan Ganske

Two weeks ago, precious Kiernan Ganske started feeling weak, lethargic, and not his usual cheerful, optimistic self.  His parents knew this was very unlike their All-Star athlete and social son.  After visits to doctors, tests, and being checked into a hospital, Kiernan's doctors discovered he has an autoimmune condition that does not allow the blood brain barrier (the "door" in the brain that resists infection) to close. He is currently battling several infections that entered his brain and caused the brain to swell. Kiernan will need a team of experts to help him. His parents have found a few of these experts whom they feel worthy to take on such a crucial case.  However, they are on the east coast near DC. He and his mom may need to live there for a couple months as he undergoes treatment and begins his road to recovery. The parents are finding that much of the costs they are likely to incur through this process will not be covered fully by their insurance, so any financial contribution you are willing to donate would be greatly appreciated. As both parents work, the family has also expressed the upcoming need for assistance with Kiernan's daily needs. If you are willing to donate some time, please e-mail us and let us know.

Kiernan is the kind of kid who is compassionate beyond measure. If we can help him and his family figure this out, Kiernan will no doubt pay it forward to help other children and families in the future. 

Thank you.

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