Help Shane Howell Fight a Rare Cancer Diagnosis

This GoFundMe is set up to support Shane with financial needs as he is forced to reduce his time as a stylist and pay a 20% coinsurance. As some of you may know, Shane was diagnosed in April with squamous cell carcinoma. This is one of the most common forms of cancer; however, Shane's presentation is rare. His cancer began internally despite receiving full body check-ups every 4-6 months. Fortunately,
Shane's body responded to cancer by developing blisters. He went to multiple doctors seeking an accurate diagnosis because he knew something wasn't right. His diagnosis went from an abyss to cancer in 3 weeks.
Shane has been working at the salon throughout treatment; however, the radiation increased this last week, causing his body to need significant rest. As we know, Shane is hardheaded (his word, not mine) and doesn't ask for help from everyone. Ever. He was just starting to recover from the Covid shutdowns and the financial implications that made on their business. Having a spouse in the same industry makes it all the more difficult.
I have known Shane for about ten years. I've seen the love that exists for him.
So, I will update this post every week at a minimum. Just know that if he doesn't update you during your appointment, through text, or via phone call, it's most likely because telling his story multiple times in a day is difficult.

Organizer and beneficiary

Kaelin Souza 
Woodland, CA
David Howell