Help Little Natasha Fight Cancer

My name is Liberty, and this campaign is on behalf of a cancer-stricken seven year old little girl named Natasha Matimba Tayisa from a town called Norton, which is situated in North-Western Zimbabwe. Thank you for stopping by, and perhaps, for considering a donation or sharing of this campaign in support of Natasha.

We have accounted for the tragic events of the last few months partly in chronological order, starting with the most recent occurrences. Care has been taken to treat Natasha's story with the utmost sensitivity and respect that Natasha and her family deserve. Please be advised that Natasha's account contains  graphic images, and the reader's discretion is advised.


Friday 05 January 2018

Day of Natasha's Burial

We buried little Natasha on Friday, not very far from her home at Tateguru Farm in Norton, Zimbabwe. I say "we", as the term appropriately recognises and most aptly characterises your indispensable participation and pivotal role in enabling all that has transpired up to this point. 
Thanks to all your generous contributions and constant support, Natasha got the dignified send-off that she deserved. Natasha's burial ceremony was well-attended by a throng of mourners and well-wishers from her immediate community and from afar. While we all hoped for a miraculous and happier ending, little Natasha Tayisa Matimba held on and fought bravely to the very end, and even in her eventual sad passing, Natasha's brief time with all those who came to know her had managed to cut through and capture the essence of a brief life well lived, in spite of being wrought by scourge of unimaginable hardships, with her unyielding fighting spirit that sustained her young life far beyond many expectations - and in so doing also captured the hearts of many people from various walks of life, from different parts of the world, with messages of support and condolences pouring in from far and wide. Thank you all very much. 

We have come to the end of the fundraising effort on behalf of Natasha Matimba Tayisa, through our Go Fund Me page, with profound gratitude to all who contributed to this campaign through donating funds, sharing the campaign through social media, messages of support and prayers. Any further pledge of support is most welcome and can be directed towards Natasha's mother (Winnette Banda Tayisa), whose direct Zimbabwe contact number is +263 77 [phone redacted]. Newtwork issues with her mobile phone service provider may render voice calls only successful after quite a few attempts, and as such we'd advise the use of text or WhatsApp messaging service. 

Below are a few of the images of Natasha's final journey:

 Natasha's body lies in repose, hours before her burial...

Natasha's grief-stricken mother - in the striped blouse- seated by Natasha's graveside...

Natasha's casket leaving her home (the red brick face house the background), for one last time, on a short journey to her final resting place...

May Natasha's soul rest in eternal peace...

03 January 2018 

Natasha Passes Away

We fought the good fight with all our might, love and compassion. Thank you all for all that you have done - your generous financial support, kind messages of support and prayers. We sadly lost Natasha on the morning of Wednesday the 3rd of January around 0915 GMT, but gain the consolation that, at the very end Natasha was more surrounded and overwhelmed by the outpouring of all your love and support in the glare of the immense challenges that beset her young life. Your messages of support and financial contributions made all the difference, and alleviated a lot of the unimaginable suffering. The proceeds that we still have to hand will be assisting in the funeral arrangements and proceedings. As you can imagine, nothing can ever prepare the best and hardy of us for the loss of any life, let alone and more poignantly, the loss of a child's life. It hurts terribly. We are all devastated by the vicissitude of events, and are still coming to terms with the current situation, and trying to forge ahead regardless. Natasha's family is immensely grateful for all the unexpectedly abundant messages of support, donations and goodwill that you have exhibited in spades, over the past few months. None of the medical interventions, the few comforts for Natasha and consistent provision of nourishment would have been possible without your kind support - period. Here's to heartily thank you all for staying with us thus far, along this heart-breaking but very worthy journey. At this early juncture, Natasha's funeral has been set for Friday the 5th of January, with Natasha set to be buried not very far from her home and family.

A special mention and heartfelt thanks goes to the sterling and professional staff at St Giles Clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe, who worked tirelessly and were highly responsive and sensitive round the clock, going far beyond their purview to assist in any way they could to help Natasha and her parents (, and The UK Daily Mail Newspaper (, who provided us with support and much-needed coverage, through which we became acquainted with some of you.

We are currently making preparations for a befitting send-off for this poor beautiful child whose childhood has been smothered and prematurely extinguished by the blight and  scourge of Xeroderma Pigmentosa.

Thank you all, for your help...

02 January 2018

Natasha is back in the expert care of St Giles hospital (Harare) with breathing problems, loss of sensation in her limbs and is unable to eat.

15 - 29 December 2017

Season's greetings and warmest regards to you all and yours! Little Natasha's on-going fight has been fraught with intractable challenges, as her condition has unfortunately taken a turn for the worst in recent weeks. The facial lesion that has come to be a salient representation of the dreadful condition that beleaguers Natasha, has spread right across her face and gnawed into her cheek, nearly severing the corner of her mouth on one side, partially exposing her molar teeth and underlying bone, completely consumed one of her ears and unfortunately spread right across the front of her face, past her nose, over to, and past the remaing eye, rendering her totally blind and wholly dependent on the care of her family and loved ones.

Our fight has recently focused on pain alleviation, nourishment, and trying to provide a suitable space for Natasha to be as comfortable and safe as possible. We have battled with very severe wound infection, including a maggot infestation on the exposed tissue, at one point, and a few other major issues. It is your invaluable support that has sustained, enabled and augmented our efforts thus far. We thank you heartily. Understandably, Natasha is now utterly terrified of being confined to the hospital ward and has been receiving home care for the last few weeks, with access to medicine and nourishment - ALL THANKS TO YOUR GENEROUS HELP!!

Saturday 14 October 2017

Little Natasha's on-going fight continues at St Giles Clinic in Harare (, where the dedicated, talented and highly professional team have pulled all the stops to make Natasha's stay as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Without going into detail, we've had some very challenging past few days, and one or two scares, but Natasha's equanimity and unyielding will have resolutely held ground, and held the rest of us together, with hope's sights set on Natasha's recovery - whatever the odds. 

Friday 13 October 2017

One more night at Avenues Clinic, Harare, and then we will have to figure out what will be happening next in this rapidly evolving heartening and hearbreaking (in equal measure) saga...

The team at Avenues Clinic have been outstanding in their care for Natasha, and managed to get some of her strength back up, and bring some of the infection in her wound down.  Natasha's emaciated body appears to be getting stronger and stronger. She is eating well, and mercifully, suffers much less, thanks to the constant medication and nourishment at the clinic.

Thursday 12 October 2017
Natasha was in a lot of pain this evening, and after receiving morphine, thankfully managed to fall asleep without much disturbance all through the night.

Wednesday 11 October 2017
Natasha likes Teddy bears, and as such, guess who brought smiles and cuddles when they came to visit....? :-)

..and this fine fashionable fury fella feels "left out" and is well on his way!! It's a long way from Cambridge UK to Zimbabwe, but he couldn't get there a moment too soon, with lots of soft hugs to give Natasha... :-)

Earlier that afternoon: Natasha's mum - a brief moment to replenish and recover... :-)

Tuesday 10 October 2017


Thank you very much for all your support, thus far. Had it not been for your donations, messages of support, social media sharing of this campaign and generous other acts of kindness Natasha has been receiving, we couldn't have come as far as we mercifully have, in our collective bid to save little Natasha's life.

Thank you for caring and for considering a donation.

Avenues Clinic, Harare

Greetings, angels of mercy. You indeed have been merciful and totally instrumental in saving Natasha's life. ALL THANKS TO YOU, as at the 10th of October, little Natasha spent the last two nights - and for the first time, in a very, very, very long time in her young life - resting in a clean warm bed, receiving much-needed nourishment and being cared for by an expert medical team at Avenues Clinic in Harare (Corner Baines &, Mazowe St, Harare, Zimbabwe - Telephone: +263 4 [phone redacted] - It has been quite the arduous trek, thus far, but well worth it beyond compare.  It is the demonstrable love we have for one another, more than blood, that makes us family. Your generous support has enabled all these blessings and more in little Natasha's life, and that makes you her family, and therefore our family too. Please share the story on your Facebook accounts, and encourage retweets to send this journey viral. We sure could use your indespensible company, strength and support a little while longer, if you can lend any. If Natasha has determinedly fought and held on this far, we can therefore surely lean on, learn from and draw hope and strength from this young, small but exceptionally mighty and indomitable pillar of superhuman strength.  We do not do this because it is easy, we do this because it is very hard and WELL WORTH IT!

It Is You Who Saving This Little's Child's Precious Life - Thank You Very Much For Caring

A Mother's Love Never Fails...

Warriors Do Not Always Come Dressed in Full Body Armour #LittleFighter#Natasha'sArmy

In the midst of the maelstrom amongst the adults, upon arrival at the Avenues Clinic, and in spite of her obvious agony, Natasha was quite the vision of calm, snacking away on a chicken and fries meal from Chicken Inn :-)Can any of us fathom the anguish that besets this poor child. I can't. How does one so young get to be so strong in face of unimaginable ravages of such an illness? It is most aptly said, "you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice..."

From Natasha and Family - Thank You All For Your Support

Monday 9 October 2017

We need an emergency medical intervention and will have Natasha moved to a nearby medical facility. I contacted the facility in question, and they are expecting her arrival around 10 a.m. this morning (09/10/2017). This means that we are having to significantly move much quicker than earlier anticipated, due to the shocking and rapidly deteriorating state we witnessed, recorded in a video call today.


Thank you for easing the yoke of this journey and for coming along with us, for your thoughtfulness, selflessness, good wishes and prayers. May it be well in your lives as well. We are finally on the home straight, the glorious end is clearly in sight, and a flourishing finish is assured, ALL THANKS TO YOU!! We owe it to all of you to inspire confidence in you that your valuable donations will reach Natasha Matimba.  We are nearly there!

In the midst of our reach for the final stretch towards our financial target, let us all be mindful that little Natasha's dreadful fight lingers on everyday. It is your generosity that will go in some way to ease the unbearable scourge of her ailment. Let us strenghthen our resolve, and forge ahead and not lose sight of the gravely ill child for whom we are gathered, and who is the sole purpose of this campaign. The  picture immediately below was taken on the 7th of October 2017. Need I say more...? There is no higher honour for me - and I'm sure for you too - than to be of service to Natasha, and I would like to thank you all for taking the dogged fight to this dreadful condition. 

One more mile, one step at a time...

Thank you.

Help Natasha Fight Cancer & Get Back On Her Feet


Firstly, I would like to acknowledge ZimEye online news outlet for the information used in this appeal’s content, on behalf of Natasha. While Natasha’s story and pictures make for a heart wrenching read, I feel such disclosures are imperative for your complete information, in conveying to you, the sombre gravity and desperate urgency of Natasha’s appeal.  The images in this campaign may indeed prove difficult for some to behold and process.
I am not a relative of Natasha, but like many who came across her plight, felt compelled to join the valiant selfless efforts already apace, to alleviate Natasha's suffering, through this appeal.

Your sharing of Natasha’s story will be immensely appreciated, and is almost just as helpful as donating. Thank you for taking your time to read.

Natasha’s Story:

Seven year old Natasha Matimba from Norton was given a few months to live last year by medical doctors but more than a year later, the little girl is bravely clinging on to dear life in spite of advanced skin cancer called Xeroderma Pigmentosa.

Her condition has defied conventional science, baffling the medical fraternity, as doctors had given her no more than a few months to survive.

Natasha has thus far proved that once survival becomes one’s objective, then not even a doctor’s diagnosis can matter, as she holds on to dear life, although her condition is sadly deteriorating.


Childhood is meant to be a time of youthful innocence and unbridled joy, safely nestled in the knowledge that your cares rest on someone else’s nurturing shoulders. While most children are blessed to gleefully and blissfully end each day's playfulness, take a shower, washing off each day, eat a square meal, drink a glass of water, lie down, sated and wearily shut their eyes restfully in relative peace and comfort, ready to happily start all over again in a new day, without being burdened by even the slightest imagination of what can only be described as the sheer horror being bravely confronted by Natasha everyday.  This little girl's life has been a relentless brutal struggle from when she was a mere three months old baby.  Natasha’s mother, Ms Winnet Banda said she has been in and out of hospital with her daughter, and last year, doctors eventually told her to take her child home, as there was nothing else the doctors could do to help her, despite their best efforts. But sometimes, what we need is not someone to walk in front of us, to lead us on in order for us to follow; or behind us, nudging us forward – but merely to walk with us, beside and next to us, reassuring us that we walk, but not alone.


While some families come apart at the seams when beset by such an unspeakable misfortune, Mr Tinashe Phiri, who is a step father to Natasha, has provided the anchorage that the family so desperately needs in the face of the seemingly unassailable odds. Mr Phiri is long term unemployed but has resolutely and selflessly grappled with the mounting challenge, doing all in his power - even resorting to selling his property to raise funds for Natasha’s medical costs.

For Natasha’s parents, hope is like the sun, as they journey towards it, it casts the shadow of their burdens behind them. Yet, even for the strongest, there unfortunately comes a time when the burden becomes too heavy to bear alone, and one strains and buckles under the crushing weight thereof.

Help Appeal

Those who wish to assist Natasha are welcome to contribute to her GoFundMe campaign, or can directly contact her mother, Ms Winnet Banda Tayisa on cell number +263 77 [phone redacted]

Under relatively normal circumstances, such a condition would place this little girl under palliative care. Palliative care improves a patient’s quality of life by managing pain and other distressing symptoms of a serious illness. The efforts of Natasha’s family in attempting to make her life as comfortable as it can be are hindered by the unyielding trammels of financial hardship, resulting in Natasha’s family struggling to make ends meet.

This appeal on Natasha’s behalf, is for your pledge, of whatever support you can afford to make available. No amount of help is too little. It is perfectly understandable that money may not be readily available for some, but your effort in sharing the campaign with your friends, colleagues and family will be most appreciated. You are welcome to contact Natasha’s mother directly, with whatever support you can avail - cash or kind. Alternative resources that could ameliorate the suffering in little Natasha’s life are:

 1. Mattress/bed

 2. Bedding – sheets, duvets, blankets

 3. Diapers

 4. Toiletries

 5. Cotton wool and bandages

 6. Betadine antiseptic solution, and any such over the counter topical medication and moisturisers

 7. Painkillers

 8. Pillows

 9. Solar or rechargeable lights

 10. Clothing (even second hand clothing)

 11. Groceries

 12. Mosquito nets

The listed items are the bulk of the essentials that the raised funds will be used to acquire, in addition to Natasha's ongoing care. The number through which well-wishers can get in touch with Natasha’s mother, is +263 77 [phone redacted]. Please note that the family is resident in a compound without electrification, which renders the phone unreachable at times, but it will be most helpful if you keep trying periodically to get through to Natasha's mother. The measure of our compassion lies not merely in our service of those most in need of help, but more importantly, in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them. Please help in any way that you can, as soon as you conveniently can.

A tiny good deed is infinitely better than the grandest of good intentions.

Thank you very much.
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