Help me Heal from Lyme

Hey All,

So this has been a challenging move for put my story out there and ask for support. I have known for about two months that I have a Lyme infection(I prefer calling it an infection- which it is- to saying "I have a disease",  as it helps my process). I seem to have caught it about 5 months ago and have been in treatment for about 2 months. I have been through an emotional roller coaster and have come to a place of peace and hope. I have very manageable symptoms, compared to many and am responding well to treatment.

Lyme disease is a crazy illness and from my studies...becoming an epidemic worldwide. I am pretty lucky in that I have caught it early. This means I have a good chance of healing if I continue on with the appropriate treatment. At this point that includes heavy anti biotic treatment (I am now starting month 3) and many supplements and herbs to help support the immune system and body as it goes through this war to eradicate the little beasties. During this process the gut and intestines(as well as other organs) are often damaged(due to the anti biotics) and all healthy flora wiped out, as well as the body is overworking to rid the body of toxins from the die off of the Lyme. With this illness the entire body undergoes huge amounts of stress and de-nourishment and the immune system struggles, making one susceptible to a host of other complications. This makes the use of herbs and supplements and alternative therapies a MUST for the body to heal. Not to mention one must see a Lyme literate specialist - none of which is covered by the medical system. All of these treatments(including most of the antibiotics) are not covered and I am struggling hugely to cover even my basic living.

When the thought of putting this campaign together came up, I thought, no way- there are people way worse off and I shouldn't be asking for help. Combined with the fact that I haven't wanted to tell people as I have been afraid of others reactions and fear stories.  This has kept me feeling too fearful and unworthy to publish this. I have done hundreds of hours of research and know many folk with Lyme. I'm aware of the shadow and suffering and of the strength and healing that can all occur. I'm building a personal narrative of strength and healing- so I only want to engage and encourage those stories.

With that said, I am struggling, and I cannot afford the treatment that I need, now, to help me overcome this disease.

Any amounts of energy be it monetary or herbs, fermented foods, positive words- all is welcome and deeply appreciated. All money will go to paying for the treatments and medicine necessary for my healing.

Learning about this illness has opened up my world to health in a way that has been hugely empowering. I'm choosing to use this experience as a way to learn more about myself and the world around me. It has also opened my eyes to the ignorance and suffering that MILLIONS of people who suffer from Lyme are going through. So many with this disease are ignored by the medical systems or are told that it is all in their head. Friends of mine. And very possibly of yours. Thousands of people are misdiagnosed and many others are incapacitated- yet no support or treatment is even made available. Most MD's have very little awarenss or knowledge about Lyme, not to mention the mainstream testing has less then 30% accuracey, thus many go untreated and misdiagnosed, leading to chronic and debilitating illness. There needs to be some serious shifts surrounding the literacy around this disease (and many others).  I hope I am making a small dent in spreading some awareness. 

I am putting out this request for support and will use any thing I recieve in aiding my recovery.

“Everything can be taken from a (wo)man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.”

In Gratitude, 


ps- its been suggested I leave my email if anyone finds it easier to transfer this way~blessings~ [email redacted]
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