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In 1998, my son, Joe Giannini, made the heroic decision to serve our country as a United States Marine.  His time spent in the Corps. brought about many physical challenges that have directly impacted his overall way of life.  Since his discharge, my son (like so many other veterans) has had to face the neglect and lack of accountability by the U.S. Government, for injuries he has sustained/brought upon him while serving his country. 

I have spoken with Senators, Congressmen, and State Representatives; and both my son and I have been constantly ignored.  I have presented them with his medical records in hopes that they would be willing to assist him in his time of need, and yet my son's case keeps being passed along with no desire to bring needed resolution.  

Upon my son's discharge from the Marine Corps., he began experiencing major neurological issues.  My son was in perfect health when he entered the Corps. and after years of service, he constantly suffering from muscular spasms, migraines (which he never had before), and chronic back pain.  I also feel that while he was serving, many Marines were given the Anthrax Vaccines, post 9/11 in hopes that our soldiers would develop an immunity to the chemical if ever exposed to it in the field.  Since these injections, my son (along with many other Marines and other service men and women) has been completely debilitated physically and is unable to work and live a comfortable life.  

Based on what I have shared and experienced (my son and I), have literally gotten nowhere.  Members of the V.A. Administration have done all that they can, but Joe still needs answers and a chance for proper treatment and recovery.  As it stands, both my son and I have exhausted all our financial resources (without insurance) to bring some glimpse of hope of my son having a normal and healthy quality of life.  Because of this, we are asking for your help in order to obtain an outside physician's diagnosis (not a V.A. Doctor), so his ongoing needs can be managed properly by the V.A. 

With you help, Joe will be able to obtain the needed medical evaluations to ensure that he can gets the best quality of care provided by the V.A.  Joe will need:

*Comprehensive blood analysis.
*Cellular/Genetic testing to rule out long term effects of the anthrax vaccinations.
*Neuropathic assessments to determine onset of nerve pain. 
*Needed appointments with neurologists and other medical specialists outside of V.A. 
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