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Help Kelly Beat Cancer for the 2nd Time!

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After battling and recovering from breast cancer a few years ago, Kelly received the news in September that cancer had returned and metastasized to her brain, liver, lungs and lymph nodes in her chest. This is now stage 4 cancer. This was the worst news to receive at any point in your life, let alone the week you just got engaged to the love of your life. Wonderful, happy news and thoughts of planning a wedding were soon overshadowed with unbelievable and heart-wrenching plans of surgeries, radiation and hospital visits.

Kelly wrote a brief story about when she found out on her instagram, which you can read if you follow her @kkawashima. An excerpt from that post reads: "I decided to share my new journey again for a few reasons...most importantly, to spread awareness/education, to provide hope & positivity to other struggling, & to accept help from those that want to help. I'll be the first to admit that it was not easy for me to accept help during my first journey. I realized that I absolutely could not have done it without the love and support from my family/friends and know that I need it now more than ever. The statistics aren't great. But I truly believe in miracles and I refuse to let numbers and fear define who I am & how hard I am and will fight again."

Kelly is just starting this journey so she is going to have long days/nights of being too tired or feeling too sick to cook dinner, clean the house and all the normal things we take for granted. She is going to have some hefty medical bills in addition to real life expenses. Whatever you can give to help support her and take a little stress off her and Keith financially to order some organic meal deliveries, hire a cleaner to come once in a while or pay off some of those bills would be so greatly appreciated. Kelly nor Keith asked for this go-fund-me, but with the number of people that are reaching out asking how to help her in this time, we knew this was the first step we could take to get some relief on this road ahead. Positive thoughts, prayers, notes, and word of encouragement always go a long way as we all know Kelly beat this the first time around with her positive mindset. We have no doubt in our minds that Kelly is going to beat this and we want to make this easier on her in any way possible!

Please give anything you can to help (and hopefully surpass) our goal!! Thank you so much for being amazing friends!


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