Asalaamualikum brothers and sisters. 
My name is Atikul Hoque and I am the campaign organiser.. As muslims we know how Allah SWT has blessed us with the month of Ramadan to expiate our sins, to ask for mercy from the Almighty and to give Charity in his name. These are my grand parents, my aunty and uncles. The last thing my Aunty said to my mum around 3.00am on that very night, was to forgive her and her family, we could hear her dad reciting with fear in the background. The phone line went silent after that.  
Being a relative of the Miah family (victims of the Grenfell Fire), I'm looking to raise money to help get not only this family but as many families affected, back on their feet. 

*The ummah is one body. It one arm aches, the whole body hurts*

We have all been affected by the Grenfell tower fire, and there are so many people suffering, there are whole families wiped out with nobody to to make sadaqah for them.

We are here. We are the Ummah. Let us shoe our love for our Lord and our ummah by donating towards sadaqah jariyah for them.

*None of you truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself*

The last ten days of Ramadan hold so much blessings. These night are know as *Laylatul Qadr.* Anything given in the name of Allah during these last ten night Shall be as though you have donated each night for a 1000 months, Subhanallah! Our beloved Prophet PBUH told us to seek out this night, and we must.

Please use the last few days to donate your sadaqah, so that you may be rewards for a 1000 months of charity, and also give it in the names of those who perished whom on the day of judgement will intercede for us, Insha Allah.

These brothers and sisters died shaheed, Insha Allah, and have been promised Jannah. Can we say the same for ourselves. Let us work towards our Akhirah, donate today, Aameen.

The sadaqah will be put towards building a well/providing the holy book "QURAN " and/or growing a tree with fruits in the name of all my family members who have died. These continuous resources will be based in undeveloped countries and for everytime someone uses it, they will get rewarded, those that passed away will be rewarded and those that kindly donated will be reward ALL UNTIL THE DAY OF QUIYAMAH.  

Some of the donation will be put towards  providing them essentials such as food, blankets. toiletries, shelter and even funerals of lost loved ones.

We're looking to raise £20000 In'Sha'Allah by the end of the month. Please donate what you can and share this to as many brothers and sister as possible. May the Almighty LORD (ALLAH) be please with you and reward you in this life and the here after. AMEEEN.
  • nasra barri 
    • £5 
    • 52 mos
  • Tracy Wall 
    • £552 
    • 57 mos
  • Hannah Afa 
    • £70 
    • 57 mos
  • Usman bhai 
    • £220 
    • 57 mos
  • Anonymous Person  
    • £20 
    • 58 mos
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Organizer and beneficiary

Atikul Hoque 
Oldham, North West England, United Kingdom
Atikul Hoque