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Hey babes thank you for taking the time to read this, we are to queer indigenous siblings who are the owners and operators of Firme Arte & Bruja Babe Cosmetics, our names are Vedder & Hek and we have been put in a very toxic situation over the last few years with our living situation. We have been informed that we will no longer be allowed to live in our childhood home which we had to move into because of a cancer diagnosis and recovery from major surgery. I (Vedder) am in remission from cervical cancer and I’m desperate to find safe non-toxic housing. We do not have any support from our family and only have our community to reach out to.

We are currently living in our childhood home with our childhood abuser / homeowner and have been met with so much verbal and physical violence over the last few years and now along with
constant transphobic behavior because of my recent start of my gender journey and shapeshift. There’s just so much hate that manifests in this toxic person because of my shape shift, my transition & remission from cancer should be filled with moments of happiness, not constant fear of speaking my happiness to only be met with responses targeted to cast darkness over my milestones. 

We are also expecting my partner @angelomalforms  to be released from prison where he has been held for almost 16 years as an innocent human being. With their release we also need to find safe housing in a space that will allow us to work and exist in a healthy space. We were informed that when they are released they are not allowed to live here and furthermore we do not want to exist in the space anymore because it is harmful to my physical & mental health. Because of the constant expenses from cancer treatment and the outrageous cost of having a loved one inside the prison we have had a very hard time saving enough to be able to get out of this hell hole. The violence both physical and verbal have escalated to a point where we can no longer safely exist in the space and are constantly being told to leave. I can’t tell you how hard it is to work our  alchemy in a space that is constantly filled with so much hate &toxicity. 

We are trying desperately to move to a place  where we can be amongst nature and have enough space for us to work our magic, support ourselves and our community and find safe solace. This new place that we are trying to manifest will allow our shop to grow and flourish in a way that we have always dreamed about. It will also play a huge part in my cancer recovery as I have spoken about this type of abuse with my healthcare team and they advised me that I should leave the space as soon as possible. Stress is one of the main causes of cancer recurrence. The homeowner here  is also directly putting my health at risk by completely refusing to get Covid testing and by not wearing a mask when they become sick. The chaos it caused by asking this person to get a Covid test was absolutely ridiculous and lead to another fight where we were told to move out. 

So as embarrassed and saddened to have to share this with you we are asking for help. 

After much soul-searching and conversations with my spiritual team we know now is the time to put this plan in motion and this is why we are coming to you the community to help us spread awareness and raise enough money for myself, my sibling @hekturr_ , 
my partner @angelomalforms and our two pets Stevie Nicks and Rufus to find a home!
thank you!

We have only 2 months to find housing! 

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Vedder Vasquez 
West Sacramento, CA