Help Big Ears KAI run again !

Kai Is a 17 month old rescue that has captured our hearts and has taken over our couch. It was last June that I learned about this 11 week old puppy that was living a rough life on a farm outside of Ottawa that needed and deserved a home. My kids wanted a dog  for so long and along came this guy. They were over the moon!
He was apparently attacked by other dogs on the farm when trying to eat the food that was given to them, left out in the rain, which in spring of 2017 was record breaking and non stop...a real rough start for a sweet puppy. He learned to fend for himself and  lived off mud, sticks, bugs worms and he burrowed in holes he dug to stay warm. Never knowing a soft, dry safe place until the day he was rescued and we lay him down on his  own bed.
A tough, but timid little guy when we got him, he was just skin and bones, Starving and dehydrated with a ballon bloated belly full of worms. He was sick with mites, fleas, parasites and skin infections. The poor guy needed a lot of love care and despite being a single mom currently on disability for an illness of my own, I decided to go ahead and save this boy and turn his unlucky introduction into this world around. 
With time and with much love and medicine, he recovered well, brought joy , love and laughter into our lives. It has been a long road but so worth it. He is a sweet soul that loves with a big goofy heart.
Unfortunately Kai has not been so lucky, with his health since then and due to my financial limitations, I thought it prudent to secure costly pet insurance after the vet fees in those early days started adding up to an unsustainable sum. Whether due to his breed, his size, or his early malnutrition—or a combination of all three Kai was diagnosed in April with a painful bone condition which had him going shack happy on bed rest. When he was finally, thankfully given the all-clear to go back to his beloved dog park in July,  he was so excited that he ran too hard, got tangled in a leash and tore his cruciate ligament in his hind leg and now requires surgery if he is ever to walk normally and pain free again.
The surgery is estimated at 5000.00 due to his size, 90 pounds ( of love!!) .
But due to some confusion and a misplacement of wording on one of the vet records, previous vet bills are now being denied due to specious mistakes on behalf of the insurance company  and it has been a long and protracted battle.It honestly feels like they are trying to intentionally wear me down.
These unexpected events had left us waiting and Kai suffering needlessly in pain—for months.
I have gone through several appeals, extra vet consults at my cost, to re-prove his injury, and after all this stressful and traumatic hassle, the insurance company finally conceded that the surgery was covered under Kai’s policy .
The insurance covers a portion of the procedure and- after the deductible of 560.00  is paid, but o
utside of the surgery itself, the expenses stemming from this injury which are not covered by insurance continue to mount. The imaging and consult with the surgeon this week was  400.00. Consults and vet fees are not covered. Since this injury I have had 3 consults, purchased pain meds and supplements and am all tapped out from his previous vet consults and imaging, pain meds, supplements, transportation etc- from this past spring- to finally diagnose the bone condition in his front leg. 
He knows more pain than a young dog should- but has been a trooper, still happy and wants to run, chase cats, chew sticks, play with his toys, even though his body says no. Previous to all this, he had a bad reaction to the meds after his neuter in March and some complications from surgery, that also left him down and out longer than expected but he recovered from that too, all smiles and ready to play. (just don't take his ball!) This guy deserves to be happy.
WE just got the surgery date for Sept 20. We really want to turn this guy's luck around!!
Our  GOFUNDME campaign is so we can HELP Kai ASAP Because I still need to pay for what is not covered,-  A portion of the cost of surgery, the deductible , transportation, the support brace for recovery , supplements and pain meds and vet consults/checkup post surgery.
Without help with funding Kai will have to wait for a while and knowing he is in pain breaks our hearts. 
It is overwhelming,  but we are hoping with a little support we can make this happen ASAP so Kai does not have to suffer in pain any longer. Kai has been not just a new addition t our family but in many ways a therapy dog for me during this rough time in my life and a loyal companion, protector and bringer of joy to all of us. It has been difficult to have him on bed rest, short walks and NOT be allowed to engage in play due to his injuries and previous condition and watch him be in pain for so long. We just want to help Kai run again, pain free and give him the life a young dog should have.  Any donations for Kai will be used to ensure this happens. I was hesitant to ask for help, but WE are doing this for Kai, putting it out into the universe and hoping with some love and caring from our family, friends and community of dog lovers, Kai can get the help he needs sooner rather than later.
Thank -you for taking the time to read  our story. We are grateful just for the consideration. any little bit helps. He is a special spirit that has so much light.
 We love Kai!!!
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