Help Beau Pay ICU Bills - Seizures

8/28/17 Update - Beau is home now and doing well - Thank God.... but ... the medical bills keep coming in (now over $405,000+).

Event:  Beau (age 20) is the first of our 3 children and is "special needs" since he's had epilepsy / seizures for 19 years.  On 6/24/17 he began having uncontrolled seizures and was taken to the ER twice in 2 days and then was admitted to ICU on 6/26/17.  He was in ICU 12 days, intubated and on a ventilator and then later transferred to a step down ICU room for 5 more days and then we were transfered to a hospital to rehabilitate him.  His mom and I stayed with him 24/7 (as did other family members to support Lisa and I) since he could not care for himself nor make the key decisions that were needed.  Beau dealt with many challenges to include double pneumonia, being on ventilator life suport, breathing issues, weight loss, PT, and having a tracheostomy etc.  Thru it all, we give God the glory - - we were able to take him home on 7/18/17 to begin the recovery process!   

Beause Beau is a "special needs" child, he requires great deal of medical care and supervision etc.  Even thru this event and all his challenges, he is loving, kind, humble, gentle in spirit, and he is one who loves and touches others in so many unique ways.  My wife, Lisa, and I are blessed to have him - he teaches us too.  

The Need:  His medical bills are over $405,000+ and climbing for this event.  My wife and I have never asked for help with his medical bills; however, his recent hospital stay, ongoing expensive medications, and out of town trips to specialists require us to ask for help now! 

First, thank you for taking time to care enough to read this and for all those who prayed, THANK YOU.  People all over the globe prayed for Beau and God answered!  We are very grateful - please keep the prayers coming as treatment and risks continue for him.   Additionally, if you feel inspired to help, consider making a contribution to help him / us pay for his medical expenses as he doesn't work due to his epilepsy and seizures.  

Donations will be used to pay for Beau's out-of-pocket medical expenses, ongoing treatment, and his expensive monthly maintenance medications.  Just one of his 4 medications is $4,000 per month.  Yes, Beau does have health insurance but it has a high deductible, many gaps and limitations (Rx etc) for someone with his condition and long term treatment plan.

Lisa and I are his care givers as he lives at home with us so we can care for him.  

We are grateful and thankful for your consideration of this need and our request for help.  God bless!

Isaac Tillotson, Father
Columbus, Ga
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Isaac Tillotson 
Columbus, GA