Let's put FL and POLK to the TEST for one of US, Amy Farthing (aka Amy Mottin), raised on the same blocks we grew up on, her face is in our elementary class photos, she attended the same Westwood or Dennison middle school we did, is in our year books tucked away in boxes, she's a graduated from our beloved Winter Haven High School, and her mother many know because Mrs. Farthing taught many of us in school and was an amazing teacher and person.

By the GRACE of GOD any one of us could be bravely, courageously, and singlehandedly fighting this battle like Amy Farthing and tomorrow any one of us could be in need as Amy is today!

But for the domino effect of diabetes, stage 4 kidney failure which has caused congestive heart failure preventing Amy from working she would be in a secure job like the one she held in South Florida for years.

Unfortunately her health caused Amy to lose that great job and has prevented her from working since, due to the symptoms of these multiple deadly illnesses.

Even more difficult Amy's ROCK her ever present caring mother Mrs. Farthing left this earth for Heaven a year before Amy was fully diagnosed with these illnesses.

Let's help Amy Farthing choose LIFE not only for herself, but for her amazing 10 year old son Ian who has Autism and has been single handed raised by his mom, Amy, since he was born.

Amy is the only person Ian has ever relied upon who knows his needs, his humor, his fears, his loves and his joys. Plus, we all know there is no other love like that of a mother's love for her child. If Amy loses this fight there are VERY serious concerns about what would happen to Ian .... "who would take care" of him as Ian asked Amy just last week.

So here is the bottom line and how anyone with a heart and compassion and ability can help AMY CHOOSE LIFE FOR IAN:

1. Amy needs PRAYERS AND LESS STRESS bc the events of Irma caused her condition to decrease rapidly and unexpectedly. Currently Amy is faced with the stresses of looking for a new home with limited financial ability and earning due to illness, new doctors bc of the switch to Medicaid, and daily worries about what might happen to her son Ian. This STRESS will kill her and Amy needs our help!

2. Amy needs $5,000.00 for the medication she must have for a year after a kidney transplant BEFORE the facilities will even put Amy on the donor transplant list.

3. Amy needs $1,250.00 a MONTH as her cost share on Medicaid in order to receive and have the remainder paid for her neccessary daily medications, all monthly medical treatment, testing, and appointments necessary prior to the transplant.

***Please note Once Amy gets on dialysis her insurance will switch to Medicare and this cost share will be taken out of her month disability she was just awarded beginning in Sept. 2017.

However, Amy's home was severely flooded by Irma and is now not habitable. Therefore, Amy is currently trying to find alternate housing in Orlando where both she and Ian's doctors are located and Ian's school which Ian is excelling in.

Orlando is notoriously high for rent in a decent safe location, and with first and last, security deposit, application fees, etc. it is burning through the minimal disability funds Amy only started to receive in Sept. 2017. *********

4. Amy needs a cardiovascular surgeon that takes Medicaid (a dang good one bc it's the practice of medicine just like it's the practice of law people!!) to perform the surgery necessary to make the port Amy needs so she can start the 4-6 week healing process and then be ready immediately if her kidneys or heart worsen and she must start dialysis.

***as of today Amy's kidneys are at 14 which is apparently HORRIBLE and her heart is working at 25% bc the excess potassium from the failing kidneys is killing her heart****

Amy must get this port but if she can hopes to wait for dialysis because if she gets a kidney for a transplant bf she starts dialysis there are indications the kidney and operation will go much better and last longer. The statistics are that a new kidney will last on average ONLY 10 years but Ian would at least be an adult, one with special needs but an adult still the same. The statistics of how long it generally takes to get an kidney from being on the donor list vs. a living donor are even more daunting!!!

Amy's body may not give her the option of waiting for dialysis for long so she needs a cardiovascular surgeon ASAP and her kidney doctor , heart doctor and the Medicaid office have been UNable to find one that takes Medicaid. So it may be as Amy has been advised she simply has to go to an emergency room and they will be forced to provide the surgery for the port. However, this will stick Any with some crazy medical bills she obviously hopes to avoid. So anyone with pull and knowledge in the medical field or friends in that area can ANYONE help Amy find a talented Cardiovascular Surgeon?

5. Amy needs FRIENDS who love kids and are patient and maybe even have some experience with Autism but if not a lot of love and compassion will do.

Amy needs people who can make themselves available on short notice temporarily to care for Ian if something incapacitates Amy or she must be admitted to the hospital in an emergency. (not for the port bc we can hopefully plan that if the ER is the only option)

Imagine if your mom died and you had this illness, a special needs child, and no one to help care for him in an emergency. That is where Amy is today. So if you have a flexible job or your own business or are a stay at home mom, compassion and can help on short notice in an EMERGENCY that may or may not ever present itself please message me on FB.

If this type EMERGENCY occurs I will be immediately on my way to FL to get Ian but I'm 18 hours driving and who knows how long if I fly. Ian CANNOT be put in foster care even for that day or 2 until I can get to FL.

Ian has my number in his phone and knows to call me in an emergency. Amy and I still need feet on the ground in FL ready and willing to be on the move to come to Orlando and get Ian and care for him until I can get there.

*** Please note you NEED NOT today be available every single day and night with no responsibilities ever! My hope is their will be multiple people on this emergency list that I can contact IF Ian EVER contacts me concerning this type of emergency. I can then go down the list calling to see who might be available that DAY. Maybe someone can pick him up and another can care for Ian the day or two needed. We need a network our village to minimize risk and emotional upset for Ian.

At this point Ian missing a day or two of school is Not something we are concerned with Bc it would be an emergency. So it doesn't matter if you live in Winter Haven, Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa, Davenport, Jacksonville, wherever is fine. I'll pick that sunshine up wherever he is.

***Please also note Ian is very high functioning, his is very loving, smart, funny and generous to a fault. He wants to please and there are no behavior issues I've ever witnessed. In fact in my time over a week with Ian this summer I, Heather Johnson and Shelly Michelle (Hills) Swearingen were amazing by his abilities and sweet disposition.
Honestly BETTER behavior than most kids I've met his age.

While Ian may be distraught depending on the circumstances with Amy, I doubt not more than most other children would under that circumstance and I have no doubt he would blend in with your families and be a blessing to anyone that's willing to help.

So please please please consider signing up for this emergency aide because it is very very much needed!

6. Amy needs large pieces of home furnishing ready WHEN she finds an apartment for she and Ian, such as a living room set, a recliner, dining table, bedroom set for Amy and a bedroom set for Ian bc most everything they had was damaged with Irma or lost in her move from South Florida. Amy's recent decrease in kidney and heart function caused by Irma has made it impossible for her to physically move herself. So Amy will also need physical help, a truck or trailer and truck to delivering and setting up any new items in her new apartment and potentially move anything from her previous home to the new apartment.

Amy would also appreciate bedding and sheets for any furnishing im certain.

Amy DOES NOT need decorative items or kick knacks just the basics needed to sit, eat, and sleep comfortably.

So if you have a truck or trailer or muscles or furniture, even potentially donations from businesses if anyone knows those in the furniture business, please all message me in FB with your name, number, how you can help, and maybe your best times of availability in the average week.

Then as soon as Amy finds an apartment I will start calling to coordinate the move so Amy does NOT have to stress about how she can do this for her child when she can can't walk around the block.

7. Amy needs a KIDNEY bc that kidney will save her heart and then her prognosis should be GREAT! Statistics tell us the average wait for a kidney from the donor list is 3 YEARS!!!! Amy does NOT have 3 YEARS bc of her HEART!!!!!

So Amy needs people who at no cost to themselves AND NO COMMITMENT are will to have a simple blood draw and tissue sample taken to see if they are a match. If you are as stated there is no commitment. I believe everyone should be tested if they meet the criteria AND must will not be a Match. No need to stress or consider or do anything but give blood and tissue samples. Only IF you are a match THEN pray, consider, analyze, talk with your family, etc. to determine is being a living donor is a gift you can make.

But why waste all that energy and effort if 99% won't be a match anyway right?

Anyone who is willing to ONLY give two quick samples now please message me on FB and as soon as Amy is on the transplant lists I will contact you each with specifics of where to go and what to do.

Please help Amy by helping me build she and Ian's village, their safe haven of OUR POLK and FL people (heck people all over the world) that are willing to help in these tasks and donations in kind and financially.

My hope is working together Amy can rest her mind and body, solely focus on Ian and her health and be well rested and READY should a kidney come along!!

Thanks so much if you bothered to read this long! I talk to much! Dang lawyer in me!!

God bless to each of you! Amen!

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