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Help Alanah Get Back On Her Feet

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On Friday, June 9th, my sister Alanah O'Connor, was brutally assaulted by her ex-fiance resulting in bruises covering her entire body and 4 dislodged teeth. She escaped the house and went to the hospital and, from there, the cops were sent to their home where they arrested him.

This horrible act has really shaken up Alanah's life because - being a stay at home mom for her three kids and her ex-fiance's two kids - she did not have a source of income.

Now that she is out of the house with her three kids, she is looking for ANY support whatsoever to help her get back on her feet. Already, her incredible friend circle (and our family) has been supportive in offering her and her kids places to stay and other kind of help she needs. However, in order to get her life back to normal, she will need a little bit of financial help from us. She still has car payments, phone payments and she also has to buy gas and food for her and her kids.

Thanks to everyone who has already supported her whether in person or from afar - I hope you will continue to show support through this GoFundMe as we help Alanah get back on her feet. Remember, anything helps! $1 can go a long way if 100 people donate!


From Alanah:
GRAPHIC - Domestic violence is no joke.
I have 4 dislodged teeth and my body is covered head to toe in bruises. I was choked to the point of loosing consciousness I thought I wasn't going to make it out alive.... but I did. I'm thankful I'm here today. This can happen to anyone.

Domestic violence should be a felony. I am fine now and recovering kids are safe. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST . I never saw this coming. But I'm posting because I won't be silent!!!!



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Tim O'Connor
Independence, MO
Alanah Tripp

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