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(and by “FIGHT GOD,” I mean “NOT DIE”)

I’m hot, I’m talented, I’m Not Dead Yet, and I need your help!!!

[Image description - Anjle is reclined on an antique victorian couch as if it were a chaise. A candelabra sits atop a wooden side table on the side, and enormous drapery covers the large windows in the background. They are wearing black boots, shorts with decorative buttons at the knee, tights, a gold corset, a cream blouse with a ruffled collar, and a white ostrich feather in their hair. This was a work photo.]

Life-saving surgeries are coming up for me— one down, two to go!— and what do you know, my Entire Life Savings has dried up after Hurricane Ida last year, surviving an attempted murder/ robbery in February that left me with brain damage (wow! how exciting!), and getting ER-level Covid for the first time in May.

If I’m being honest, I legitimately did not know if I was going to survive!
But I *have* survived, and I’ve managed this far, but I need help!
So now, I am asking for that help!


What are you fundraising for, exactly?

- medical equipment to manage symptoms, regain strength, and aid in recovery
- out of pocket costs for surgery and medications
- to secure an in-house aide during initial surgery recovery
- living expenses while I am unable to work
- hurricane evacuation/ emergency fund replacement (yay, New Orleans)
- my first car?! I have the chance to buy a used car?! It is crucial to getting to and from appointments, and, for, well, everything.
- any funds raised exceeding expenses will be redistributed to local arts communities and to other fundraisers and crowdfunding efforts similar to mine.

What are you doing exactly?

- Surgery one (recovering now!) was a pretty small one and will hopefully help with some of my symptoms, including the PMDD, until surgeries two and three can happen
- Surgery two (set for the end of November) is an exploratory laparoscopy for endometriosis excision, repair of a hernia, cyst removal, appendix removal, and biopsies
- Surgery three (set for early 2023) is a hysterectomy and/or whatever else needs addressing pending biopsy results

How are you disabled? Am I allowed to ask that?

- I’m personally fine with talking about my health (when I choose to do so), especially since others talking about their experiences has helped me and encouraged me to get diagnosis, treatment, and support
- I use both disabled and chronically ill as self-descriptors
- I have ADHD, CPTSD, asthma, Ehlers-Danlos, eczema, PMDD, migraines, pelvic floor dysfunction, a spinal injury (initially misdiagnosed as anxiety, LOL, that is now degenerative disc disease), something weird happening with my thyroid and/or adrenal function, and endometriosis (or something similar)

- At the moment, I have worse asthma than usual (typical for me post-infection), am at higher risk for dislocation (but getting stronger and more stable every day!), a hernia, a few cysts and a fibroid that looks like my uterus is wearing a clown nose. Absolute clown behavior of my uterus, if you ask me.

So, how have you been?

- Doing my best!!! I miss people and bad pain days are hard, but in a lot of ways I am doing really well! I am concerned about immediate and upcoming expenses, but excited about having some clear goals and answers!
- I’ve been grieving having to retire from performance art and opera/singing, at least for the forseeable future
- I didn’t think getting Covid would lead to 25-50% muscle loss and EDS and hernia complications, but, well, now I know. I’m going to have to shift/ change my career, but I’m confident I can figure it out and manage with help and support.
- Oh, the brain damage from Feb. has almost completely healed! I had/ have cerebral hypoxia-induced Broca’s Aphasia, but I can read and write again! And speech and word recall is almost totally back to normal!
- There have been many doctor’s appointments, calls, and tests, but I am so, so excited to finally be getting help on the healthcare system side— I have been trying to for TWELVE YEARS!
- I’m taking things in stride as best I can, and doing my absolute best to take care of myself and to find balance between action and rest.

How can I help?

- Donate!
- Share this! Tell everyone you know I am doing this and need help! Your reach will help a lot!
- Share remote job leads with me!
- Hire me for remote work, costuming things, prop-making, and/or art! I write! I edit!
- Learn about endometriosis and the pelvic floor!
- Learn about disability justice!

I am very nervous about asking for help! I do not have a lot of practice doing that. But I truly believe that my energy will be best used focusing on recovery, managing appointments, regaining strength, and getting my bearings for whatever is ahead. Having financial support would afford me the best opportunity to do those things. Opening myself to the help and support of others is daunting, but were the situation reversed, I would want the chance to contribute.

Thank you so much for reading through this!
I appreciate you taking the time to do so, any help that you can offer, and I look forward to my future, stronger self!



  • Catherine Swan
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    • 10 mos
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    • 1 yr
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    • 1 yr
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    • 1 yr
  • Tallulah St James
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    • 1 yr


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