Mike's 2nd Cancer Fight, Please Help

My brother, Michael Harris' Cancer Treatment Fund
Michael Harris is a cancer-survivor. As life would have it, Michael is once again faces fighting for his life against the enemy of a seriously malignant cancer. He can once again be gifted another chance at life. It’s a difficult story to look at. We’re asking you to go on this journey with Michael and his friends and family because it reveals something profound about our humanity and the way we love others. Michael is in the care of some very good physicians at University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD.  During is battle in the past Michael showed progress and remission. His family and friends constantly surrounded him.

Those who know Michael love Michael!

Every radiation and chemo therapy drew every ounce of strength from his body. He suffered some permanent damage from these life saving treatments and it never slowed my brother’s life down. His spirit of life and love never ceased.  His employer dismissed him from his job as a Network Engineer and Wireless Architect due to performance issues, related to excessive doctor's appointments for a pinched nerve which numbed his right leg. Then he became anemic after a yearly colonoscopy.  which I guess is understandable given his situation.   It wasn't until he was dismissed, that he found out about the cancer which was 2 weeks after being dismissed.
He is the father of two grown children by whom he is loved and esteemed; and he is the drummer in a band known throughout his community as ‘DoubleTake’. After dealing with the expenses for his previous struggle against cancer, Michael sacrificed his financial resources for the sake of making a down payment on a house in which he could reside; but, after losing his job, then finding out the resurgence of cancer, he has no income, no savings, and no insurance. So, in his present circumstances, Michael is facing destitution and, without adequate treatment for the malignancy now afflicting him.

All who have enjoyed the goodness of companionship and kinship with Michael are now appealing to friends and strangers throughout the world to make some contribution toward funding his restoration to health and, in the course of his defense against cancer, toward maintaining a roof over his head.
By his prevailing against this terrible disease, Michael can resume the life in which he has been a self-supporting benefactor to the community in which he lives; and he will be able to continue his role as Network Engineer and the artist who, by means of his talents, realizes the joys of music as the good he does for others.

Janet, who is Michael’s sister, wishes all to know what is in her heart: “Mike, my little brother, was born fighting for his life. Being born two months prematurely, the physicians told our parents he would not live more than a few days. The priest gave him his last rites; but, from that point onward, we knew that Mike was a fighter.
“Mike and I have always been very close. He is kind and sweet and would do anything for anyone in need. He has always had my back as I have always had his. We stand by each other.
“Mike is godfather to my first-born son in whose life he has always been active. My husband is the big brother that Mike never had. Between them, a bond has been maintained since Mike was fifteen years of age.
“Mike, as I have mentioned, would do anything possible for anyone in need; but, at this unfortunate stage in his life, he is not able even to help himself.
“I depend on my brother and Mike depends on such family as he has; but there is only so much any family can do against all the obstacles standing in the way currently; and, sadly, his employer could not see to offer Mike an option. He was working as hard as he could, doing the best of which he was capable, though being in pain every hour of every day and making every effort not to take sick-leave, and work trying to diagnose what was causing his decline in health.”
“My heart aches for Mike and I’m praying every day that we find the right physicians to apply all healing procedures so that my little brother can get back on his feet again and can be the brilliant courageous, man of strength he was reared to be.”

From Mike’s eldest sister, Peggy, the following testimony is precious: “Michael, my brother, is the fellow anyone can turn to with a problem. He can solve the riddle, fix the leak, mend the broken toy, get the computer running, patch the roof, and do just about anything that is needed.
“Michael’s well-rounded skills began to develop when he was only a child. I have fond memories of ‘things’ being taken apart and of Michael’s learning how to repair them and to put them back together.
“My brother is an excellent drummer and, since childhood, he has passionately followed his love of music. I was very proud of my brother’s participation in the stage band while he attended Calvert Hall College High School, an institution gifted with a highly regarded program in music.
Michael also devoted eleven years as a volunteer in the music-ministry in my church, St. Issac Jogues Church. It was always a pleasure to listen to his performance each week at the celebration of the Mass.
“Michael means the world to me — a brother on whom I can rely for a shoulder on which to weep, to make me laugh with a fond memory of childhood, and to remind me that family is important.
“I can't imagine what Michael is feeling as he goes through cancer for a second time. He is a fighter. Although he survived his first treatment for cancer, it is horrible to have to see him going through that agony a second time, especially after he so recently began to make the payments on a house after he had made so much effort to rebuild the funds he lost during his last bout against cancer.”

Michael would do anything for his fellow man, Handyman, Musical Benefits, lending computer or networking advice and support.

Please reach into your hearts and along with prayer, help us save the life of Michael Harris.
Help us have hope for his future as a dad, a brother, and an all around great guy.

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Michael Harris 
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