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Hands of Hope for MaryAnn and Miya

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Saturday, February 17th, 2018  Mickey Jay Saenz, a young Deaf husband and father, was tragically taken from his family.   Mickey was struck by a vehicle as he walked along a nearby roadway to where their family lived.   He has left behind his young pregnant Deaf wife and their beautiful three year old daughter.  As you can imagine during these tough economic times this family was trying to establish themselves and their future.  Circumstances had finally seemed to be heading in a positive direction when this tragedy occurred.  We are hoping that through everyone's contributions we can raise enough to cover the funeral expenses, as well as to provide for the immediate and future needs of this young mother and her two children.  If you are able to donate to Hope for MaryAnn and Miya, you would be giving a small piece of security to a young mother who is trying to figure out the path forward for this young family.  Covering funeral costs are only the beginning of their journey.  If you are reading this I consider you part of the community who can make an impact on the lives of this family today and well into the future, providing peace and security for the difficult days ahead.  Lets show young Miya and her soon to be born sister that there is still good in this world.  That even though life may seem uncertain during this time, that there are those around her who are willing to support her and encourage their family as they grieve the loss of a husband and father.  We can not fill the hole in their hearts that the loss of Mickey has left behind, but we can try to fill their lives with love and compassion and give them peace of mind with a generous donation that becomes their Hope for the future.  Thank you in advance for your contribution and your thoughts and prayers for the family.  Please consider sharing this with your social networks and those who are likeminded!  I know the family would appreciate anything you may be able to do.


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