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Help my family from being homeless

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My name is Andy many of you are have been friends with me over 20 years and many no I am not the type of person to ask for help because of my pride. Well the past year and a half has been very tuff on me and my family. I was hospitalized for almost 6 months and was very close to death. I know many of you didn't know my situation but I was very ill and had to get open heart surgery. Because I was so ill and couldn't work for over a year and my family and I became homeless we have reached out for help from the state but no one would help my family. We have been staying with either family members, friends or hotels but like you may know nothing feels better then being in your very own home and bed. I am asking all of my friends and family members to please help me and my family's dream come true we just want a place we can lay our heads and call home. If you can just please dontate anything it would help it just feels like ever penny we get either goes to my medical bills or paying for a hotel so my kids wouldn't sleep on the street. I pray and hope everyone can find it in there hearts to help me out please know I never wanted to ask for help because I am embarrassed of my situation. We foundly found a place that would rent to me and my family I just don't have the money for the first months rent and deposit. I am praying you could find it in your hearts if not to help me but to help my children which means the world to me.


  • Fanny Ortiz
    • $150 
    • 7 yrs


Saint Lugo
Hackensack, NJ

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