On Sunday July 23rd I left my beloved cat Ted at his home with my roommate Autumn Wells while I was in Florida. I left him with a full bowl of food, a bag of food under the sink, and a clean litter box.

On August 2nd she had made the decision to bring her dog into our apartment without consulting my approval, knowing that Ted was in the apartment. Ted has only been around my dog and was much of a scaredy cat.

She shared photos of the dog lying in our apartment floor on Facebook. This is how I even found out about the dog. Within 2 hours of this dog being kept in our apartment he attacked and killed Ted in my bedroom floor.

While I understand that accidents happen the way she handled the situation was unacceptable.

She sends me a text message around 5 PM saying


"Ted is dead."

"No, forreal"


Followed by a picture of Ted’s dead body, bloody and lifeless on my carpet.

We called her. She was drunk, again. After trying to get as much information as we could from her she accused us of yelling and blaming her for the situation. I wasn't even the one that spoke to her because during this I was obviously having a meltdown.

She then proceeded to take out HER anguish on Facebook. She complained that I had left him there with her and it was my fault. Called him "a stupid cat" and said she would have to take her dog to the vet. Followed by the most compassion I had seen from her yet, 




Then the unthinkable happens. She sends me yet another text messages that reads


'He's in the dumpster"


Three minutes later I respond with,


"Get him out now"


Her response was,


"Eh, you can."


Another complete meltdown. Later in our conversation she calls me named like a cry baby ass bitch and calls me insane. All within the hour of my baby being killed in his own home.

Ted's dead body laid in a dumpster outside of our apartment for 24hrs before a few great people went and retrieved him for me. I wasn’t able to get home and put him in his grave. But I have found peace knowing that he had someone there that loved him to do so. They took pictures of his body, took his collar for me, and buried him in a peaceful place.

His final resting spot wasn’t going to be in a garbage dump next to things that were no longer wanted, because he was. He was loved.

How Autumn Wells claims to be an animal lover is beyond me. Even after she sobered up and sent me yet another text message with her idea of an apology, which was mostly just her saying that she was tired of the drama this has caused her, she still let my Ted lay in the dumpster while she was up in our apartment 30 feet away.

Any amount of money that you donate will be going towards an attorney that I plan on hiring to get justice for my sweet Ted.

While I understand accidents happen, and I do not blame the dog that attacked and killed him in my bedroom floor, I do blame the owner of the dog. The owner that sent me "he's in the dumpster" and laughed about it.

Her lack of compassion, love and remorse was nowhere to be found that night. She handled this situation all wrong and could have been avoided with a little more responsibility and attentiveness.


I trusted her with my Ted’s life and all she could do after his death was joke about it.


Ted was very much loved. I picked him out as a 7-week-old kitten. He was 3-years-old when he died. He was loved by me, his dad, his dog-sister Vegas, and everyone in my family. We loved him like our child.

I will be forever grateful for any amount of donation you are able to make. If you cannot donate anything at this time please take a moment to share our group on Facebook so we will be able to spread the word for Ted.


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Lindsay Jay 
Evansville, IN