A Plan for Olga

Saint Patrick’s Day 2015. Today was the day. We were going to have the results.
The results. To anyone who has ever had a major medical battle and won, knows everything they did that day, up until they got the results. I try to recover the memories of that evening, but I cannot. I remember we had chic-fil-a before we went into the office. I remember sitting in the waiting room, wondering if this would be where we spent the next year. This was the battle grounds, for everyone who fights for another day. Looking at the people from all walks of life who shared one thing in common. Cancer. I remember sitting in the office for what felt like hours awaiting the doctors grand entrance. The results. Stage 1, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, with an operable removal of the tumor, 22 rounds of chemotherapy, and 9 rounds of direct radiation. My face went numb, as did the rest of my body to follow. I began to cry and ask questions with a pace that quickened with every answer. I looked up to my mother-in-law. She was smiling. Smiling!? YES! SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now before I get any further, I should clarify… They were her results. Lol Still confused?! Exactly, so was I. Why on earth is she smiling!? Ugh smh! I’m supposed to be here to let her react to her own news! Not the other way around! Here I am willowing and blabbing on looking for immediate directions on how to stop this, and she’s falling into a state of absolute delusion. I shut my mouth immediately. I said, “Ma are you ok?!” “I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have reacted this way, I’m shocked and I am afraid, and I just want to help fix it ok!?” She replied, “It’s ok Pam, truly.” “Just breathe baby.” The rest of the visit consisted of the “plan.” “The plan” would be what got us through this. “The plan” would be our map, our guide, our battle strategy. I glued myself to “the plan”. I thought if I was always a step ahead of it, then nothing would catch me by surprise. OK, shots on Saturdays after treatments; gonna be a rough recovery day so don’t schedule anything on Saturdays. Saturday shots are not covered by insurance. SURPRISE! You’ll need $3.298. for one shot. Every week. For months. That is 100% mandatory to “the plan”. When you’re fighting for your life, you need a support system. I was happy to be the support to my mother-in-law, and I thank GOD for the people and programs that were in place that enabled us to use every resource available to save my mother-in-law. Her strength, resilience and brave heart are what gave me the power to be everything I needed to be for her. God gave us both strength. So, I do whatever I can to help others in their time of need. Could you imagine the end of our story, without those resources?!

That’s the case for Olga.
 She and her family were 9 months into this unjust war…when that day came for them. The results.
 Olga Vielcheva is a wife, and mother of four children. Her oldest son is fighting for his family, his country, freedom, and his life, in Ukraine’s Armed forces. Her oldest daughter resides here in the United States in the state of Kansas. Her youngest daughter has found refuge in Poland. Her youngest son, lives with her and her husband in Ukraine. An entire support system, spread worldwide. Resources, scarce. Bombings, daily. Income, short. Born in 1955 in Ukraine, Olga was married and dedicated 40 years of her life to working at ZTMP. Zaporizhzhya Titanium-Magnesium Plant. She would sort the components of titanium magnesium (sponges) and do things like control quality and get shipments ready for disbursement. The conditions weren’t up to standard, and sometimes she was forced to work bare handed. We now know, that gave her an exponentially higher risk of getting cancer.

Olga and her family live in the Zaporoz’ka Oblast.
They are less than 30 miles from an active war zone. They are under fire every day. She has been diagnosed with Stage 2 CA Sigmoid Colon Cancer. With a large Metastatic Foci tumor in her liver. It is operable after a certain amount of chemotherapy treatments. If she cannot afford the treatments she will die. I am asking for your help.
 We (her daughter and I) have thought of a few options. Let’s plan.

Plan A. We find a kindhearted American. Someone who is willing and able to sponsor this beautiful woman through the “Uniting for Ukraine” Program. Welcome her into your home, and be a support system to her. Her life depends on it. Here in the US, she would apply for Medicaid and would qualify through the program. Here she could begin treatments immediately. She would need financial help with things not covered by Medicaid. (Pending the kind hearted people of the world).
 Plan B. We raise money for Olga. Once we have raised enough to cover one years living expenses for her here: we will sponsor her ourselves. Gold & Blue United is the organization I started, and we can assist refugees in the United States in acquiring rental housing, and other resources through out our community. 100 % of the proceeds to this fund are allocated to the family.
 Plan C. We do both. We raise money and support Olga in her treatments that now cost over $2500 a session. She can no longer work. They live in a nuclear zone. They live in a war zone. Her husband is a retired policeman. They cannot cover the costs of her treatment, on top of barely surviving on a fixed income in a war brought recession. Her next treatment is January 12, 2023. I’ve seen some miraculous things done on GoFundMe. I’ve seen some miraculous things in this journey through Gods direction in helping people harmed by this war. I take my time to do stuff like this, because its what I’ve been given. I may not have a lot in this life, but I love every bit of what I’ve been given and what I’m blessed with every day. Life. Please, help me save Olgas. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Pamela Hines
Morgantown, WV

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