Greedy New Owners who want more than I can afford!

I have been living in the same apartment for almost 11 years paying just $400 a month for rent. My apartment complex was sold and the new owners are raising the rent to $795 a month plus a pet rental fee per month in my case another $75 on top of the $795 which I can not afford.
I learned of this new ownership with only 20 days of work left driving a school bus, I had already stocked up on items I need to get through the summer months, and the pantry is full, the deep freeze is full. A week after this change in ownership I spent 4 days in the hospital with pneumonia and missed a week of work. I have always managed to get through the summers in the past. I have paid the rent for June. June bills are paid. The current apartment is fully paid for June...
I signed a lease on June 3, 2022, and paid deposits and rent for another apartment which I can start moving into on 10 June those funds were not extra money I had. I will have about 20 days to get my stuff moved at my own pace as my body allows me, so I'm not too rushed to do it in a short time. The new apartment will cost me $650 a month I can come up with that amount. The new apartment is less than half a mile from work that's a plus with today's high gas prices. Not sure what fees and charges I'm going to run into moving utilities etc. Then I just have to make it to the end of August and a paycheck. So I will struggle for July and August but life is a struggle for all...
Some of you know that I have had health issues in the past with Cancer and the issues I deal with on a daily basis from those treatments that saved my life at the VA hospital. I struggle to get through life's daily chores and do what my body will allow me to do on any given day and that has allowed me to live within my means for the most part unless I get hit with a curve ball like this.
I really hated to set a goal for this fundraiser or even start it as I know many are struggling to get by so I set it at a $1 any amount above that will be a blessing...


Wayne Helms
Fort Smith, AR

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