Grayson, aka “Big Boy”, an Italian Mastiff spent several weeks on the run in Mercer County NJ, in the hot sun, heavy rain and thunderstorms.  He was abandoned and dumped like trash and left to survive on his own.   With the help of residents and Animal Control he was finally captured.  

Malnourished, dehydrated, open wounds, scars, covered in ticks, and only 80lbs, this boy was finally safe from the streets.  However, for Grayson, it was only the first step of many towards a better life.

His first days in the care of the holding facility he was not able to keep food down.  A water bottle, leather batting glove, and sock were just a few of the items he consumed trying to survive.  A full medical evaluation determined this 3yr - 4yr old to have medical concerns.  One of those, he is heartworm positive.  Before starting heartworm treatment his other medical concerns need to be addressed.  Unfortunately, Grayson needs a biopsy, lab work, and CT Scan/MRI to rule out lymphoma. The heartworm treatment itself is costly but further testing is necessary for him to move forward.

Grayson does not do well in a kennel but thanks to a Good Samaritan he continues to thrive in a home environment. Grayson is a sweet, loving, gentle giant.  This boy deserves a second chance and with your help he can have it.  All funds will support his medical treatment.  Any funds not used for him will be donated to others in desperate need of rescue.  Thank you for making a difference. 


1. Firm mass (approximately 1.5 cm x 2cm) under right mandible.  

2. Mass (approximately 1.5 cm diameter) at right oral commissure.

3. Biopsy results: pyogranulomatous dermatitis with granulation tissue.  Layman's terms: chronic active inflammation of unknown cause.

4. Deep swelling with fluid buildup at the right shoulder. Pathologist comments: lymphohistiocytic inflammation, presence of atypical round cells, concerning for lymphoblasts.  The swelling could represent a cystic mass with chronic inflammation, migrating foreign body, or emerging lymphoma.  Advanced imaging (CT/MRI) and possible biopsy are recommended as next steps.


5. Heartworm positive.  Further treatment includes immiticide therapy to kill adult worms.


6. Bloodwork changes suggestive of kidney disease.  Further treatment includes bloodwork, urinalysis, urine culture, urine protein assessment, blood pressure check.  Chronic medication and prescription kidney diet recommended.
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